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  1. So i had no reactions here from anyone..... Maybe some proof from Whatsapp chats wil give me some action
  2. After having received no response for a long time, I feel compelled to post a subject here. First of all, before I placed an order with germangaming supplies on March 7, 2019, I always had good contact with Dominic (rappelbox) and he was always very helpful via whatsapp if I had questions. After the order I have not heard anything! He doesn't respond to anything. And I do see him regularly posting messages on this forum so apparently he is still alive 😤 Are there any other people on this forum who have the same problems? I hope it will be resolved quickly and that I will at least get a response from rappelbox. I have screenshots and prove enough that the error is clearly with him. Both from chat messages and proof of payment from my bank, but I will not upload them yet ..... For a long time I have had patience and good hope and warned him that I would create a topic if I didn't get a response back! Best regards, a dissatisfied customer!
  3. This looks awesome, does it also work on a Real pinball with a pin2dmd v2 ?
  4. Which problem do you mean ? the "Reboot problem" or the "changing colour problems in some scenes"
  5. Good point, i had about the same thing in a uMK3 arcade machine were the machine rebooted after you got hit by kitana's fan. I bought the machine from Peter81 (you helped him out on this machine) a month ago and haven't take a look at software etc. Should i download new software ? or reinstall ?
  6. My machine reboots after you complete the Jack o lantern mission. But if you push both flipper buttons after you made the 8th shot and before you see BOOM, You skip the mission ending images what makes the machine reboot/reset i guess.... check out the video WhatsApp Video 2018-05-04 at 20.50.44.mp4 Also the colours fixed would also be nice
  7. I had the same problem with the chase loop , blinking white/red
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