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  1. received my stuff, everything solved fine and made a new order at germangamingsupplies Thnx for solving @Rappelbox
  2. So i had no reactions here from anyone..... Maybe some proof from Whatsapp chats wil give me some action
  3. After having received no response for a long time, I feel compelled to post a subject here. First of all, before I placed an order with germangaming supplies on March 7, 2019, I always had good contact with Dominic (rappelbox) and he was always very helpful via whatsapp if I had questions. After the order I have not heard anything! He doesn't respond to anything. And I do see him regularly posting messages on this forum so apparently he is still alive 😤 Are there any other people on this forum who have the same problems? I hope it will be resolved quickly and that I will at least get a response from rappelbox. I have screenshots and prove enough that the error is clearly with him. Both from chat messages and proof of payment from my bank, but I will not upload them yet ..... For a long time I have had patience and good hope and warned him that I would create a topic if I didn't get a response back! Best regards, a dissatisfied customer!
  4. This looks awesome, does it also work on a Real pinball with a pin2dmd v2 ?
  5. Which problem do you mean ? the "Reboot problem" or the "changing colour problems in some scenes"
  6. Good point, i had about the same thing in a uMK3 arcade machine were the machine rebooted after you got hit by kitana's fan. I bought the machine from Peter81 (you helped him out on this machine) a month ago and haven't take a look at software etc. Should i download new software ? or reinstall ?
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