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  1. Hi Ninuzzu,

    I just download your very nice Mario table but unfortunately I am not able to find the rom

    Is it possible to drop it somewhere?

    Many thanks



  2. bastoonch

    Black Rose b2s backglass

    my hero thanks
  3. bastoonch

    Black Rose b2s backglass

    Hi folks, does anyone have the Black Rose b2s backglass? I was able to find it on vpforums.org but for an unkonwn reason, my account doesn't work, I tried to contact the admin but no answer for more than 4 weeks now...I can't download it http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=27049 If anyone can share it with me, I will really appreciate Many thanks in advance Cheers Seb
  4. bastoonch

    Complete Virtual Pinball Guide

    Hi Very nice setup guide I am trying to get DOF using the link, but I have register few weeks ago to VPForums.org and still I can't login. I tried to reset the password but always get password invalid error message. Do you know where else I can get DOF installation program? Many thanks Cheers Seb