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  1. bastoonch

    Black Rose b2s backglass

    my hero thanks
  2. bastoonch

    Black Rose b2s backglass

    Hi folks, does anyone have the Black Rose b2s backglass? I was able to find it on vpforums.org but for an unkonwn reason, my account doesn't work, I tried to contact the admin but no answer for more than 4 weeks now...I can't download it http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=27049 If anyone can share it with me, I will really appreciate Many thanks in advance Cheers Seb
  3. bastoonch

    Complete Virtual Pinball Guide

    Hi Very nice setup guide I am trying to get DOF using the link, but I have register few weeks ago to VPForums.org and still I can't login. I tried to reset the password but always get password invalid error message. Do you know where else I can get DOF installation program? Many thanks Cheers Seb