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  1. Well, I checked with a magnifying glass if there was no short-circuit between all the legs of the processor and more particularly PB4, apparently not. I think this one I'll leave it aside
  2. yes the cable that comes from the animation card of the wpc. yes I changed the cable. I currently have 3 evos that do the same.
  3. So, without the connector it's ok but with it it's not good
  4. then result: input test 1/3/5/7/11/13 ok. no short-circuit on any inputs between them and on the positive or negative
  5. very well I control it in the afternoon and I tell you
  6. I just checked, the connection I have to the PB4 processor is good but still white
  7. Hi all, on several evo 128x32 I have the same failure. it starts up very well, but as soon as you connect the colorization connector, instead of having the animations there is a nice screen with all the leds lit in white. an idea ? thanks in advance
  8. hi, i have some 128x32 evo which without the sd do not start. do you need an sd to work (even without anything on it) an idea?
  9. hi, if you give lucky destruction proof you will. « Firmware support will of course be continued as long as possible. Replacement keys with proof of destruction of the defective STM32F407 discovery board (picture of board physically destroyed) excepted»
  10. if you do like that we can't put the connector on the 5v. all my panels go like this
  11. on all my cards there is a key on my male connector. we cannot put it on the 5 volt one.
  12. then result. he was lucky, the card got nothing, only the two panels died
  13. hi Joerg, I was suspecting the answer but wanted to be sure. thank you 😉
  14. Hi all, A customer has a problem with an evo 128x32, before sending it I say that it has been tried and worked fine. thanks in advance Dom
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