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  1. As I am no less crazy as you guys. I was considering doing the same as J myself, but I'm already close to the limit. When I update PinballX I sometimes have to weed out the logo folder again because some new sample logo puts me over the threshold. PinballX seems to load the logos alphabetically, on my cab it's always the Zaccaria logo that vanishes first. @J Would you consider sharing your logos on the PinballX forums? I'm certain I'm not the only one who is interested in them, and by posting them there you'll be creating more demand for that feature. About asking for PBX fixes and improvements, yeah, I've given up too.
  2. Short question about Zeb's v2 - I've got one of his earliest v1 versions w/ the newest firmware version. Nudging works well, all in all it's pretty solid but there is one thing I very much dislike about it. The reset after 2-3 seconds if you keep the plunger pulled. It makes it harder to make a timed skillshot like Congo, it sends the ball flying exactly when I don't want it. It doesn't allow me to prepare a skill shot while waiting for the machine to feed the next ball into the plunger lane, like I do on my real TZ. It makes it harder to get the timing right on CFTBL so you can get F lit by timing the plunge right. If a guest comes and tries using it it's almost certain they trigger an unwanted ball release. After that it gets even funnier, when the plunger returns to its resting position in most cases the controller doesn't do a second reset so it now gives a negative position to VP - which means the plunger is out of order till I reset it by pulling the plunger out all the way and wait for the next reset. Well, does Zeb's v2 still do that reset or does it have an better solution?
  3. Followup on PinSound (soundmode 2/external pinsound): Soundmode 2 doesn't work on any of Rob's builds. However it does work on all of Carny's builds (tested 2.37-240) and on Toxie's latest build from the vpforums VPM 2.8 thread. So I guess it's nothing to worry about.
  4. Looks like PinSound (soundmode 2/external pinsound) doesn't work anymore with vpm101816c, earlier versions are probably affected too. Went back to an older official version, with this it works w/o issues. Will test more tomorrow. Edit: Tested ROM stwr_a14
  5. Found another one. Seawitch (Stern 1980)/seawitch crash in VP 9.2 when starting a game w/ start button. Reproducible on my system. Carny's 2.39: crashRob's vpm093016: no crashRob's vpm100916: crash
  6. Bad news. Crash in VP 10.2 with Devil's Dare/dvlsdre on my system. Apparently sound related. Tested: Carny's 2.39: no crash Rob's vpm093016: no crash Rob's vpm100916 at91jit=1: crash Rob's vpm100916 at91jit=0: crash The good news? Reproducible on my system. VP crashes about 3 seconds after the game ejects the first ball into the shooter lane. Even after a reboot. Edit: Long day. I guess testing at91jit=0 is kinda pointless on this MPU
  7. Ah crap. So I got that pesky important stuff which I couldn't postpone any further out of the way and started trying to reproduce those VP crashes. First a few games with Rob's build, various tables, first ball only - because I had those crashes while starting the table or shortly after shooting the first ball. No crashes. Then I went back to Carny's 2.39 build and tried a large selection of different tables. And - not one measly little crash :/ I don't know. Maybe I didn't bow low enough before my Ballmer statue while booting W10 the last time. Wait - shouldn't I upgrade to Nadella?
  8. I was busy all day and will be for the next few days so I can't do much testing. Looks like I'm the only who has those crashes?
  9. No. I had some crashes with SAM tables and also with Bally and Stern EE's. Sometimes VP crashes directly at start, sometimes a few seconds after shooting the first ball. Then, after restarting VP no crash, in one case I got a new highscore. So far I don't see a pattern. Needs more testing.
  10. My system has started giving me quite a few crashes in VP ("Visual Pinball xxx has stopped working.."). So far I had crashes on VP9.92, physmod5 and 10.2, all over various tables, SAM and not. As with anything non-reproducible I don't really know where this comes from, but it only seems to happen with v2.39., but not with v.2.37 or Rob's vpm093016. Need to test a bit more. Anybody having similar crashes?
  11. I found a few more: Lost World (1978) 6 Million Dollar Man (1978) KISS (1979) Paragon (1979) Harlem Globetrotters (1979) Starting with Nitro Ground Shaker and Silverball Mania (both 1980) everything seems to work. Funny, they have all the same MPU (Bally AS-2518-35).
  12. Those two I found - I can test a few more. On my system the lag is very hard to miss, the problem is already noticeable when starting table. Sounds like severe performance problems.
  13. I think I need to rephrase that, it is not an sound issue but performance related, and the problem doesn't show up with Toxie's builds nor with your earlier versions. Those tables have an huge lag, it seems switches register about one second too late. Can you give 'em a spin to see if you have the same lag? Silverball Mania doesn't seem to be affected. Edit - Hmm, I didn't test any of Toxie's latest builds. I'll try one first.
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