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  1. Hi Darien11, great work on the playfields! can you post the eddie pf file (the whole picture?1
  2. for basic all you need is this and rename your b2s file Dim Controller Set Controller = CreateObject("B2S.Server") Controller.B2SName = ("deadpool10") Controller.Run
  3. fun layout! here's some code to rotate through the music but have not tied it to the game start stop 'Start the music MusicOn 'End Sub 'Sub Table1_Paused:Controller.Pause = 1:End Sub 'Sub Table1_unPaused:Controller.Pause = 0:End Sub Sub MusicOn Dim x x = INT(3 * RND(1) ) Select Case x Case 0:PlayMusic "elvira2.ogg" Case 1:PlayMusic "elvira3.ogg" Case 2:PlayMusic "elvira1.ogg" End Select End Sub Sub Table1_MusicDone() MusicOn End Sub
  4. awesome start, added some tunes and plays pretty well!
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