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  1. Ac/dc (Stern 2012)

    Thanks for the info Thalamus! I should mention that I already have VP9 installed on my cab - so the idea of trying to install pm5 separately is what scares me. And you mentioned the ball not ejecting: that's what is happening to me (as I'm trying to run a table in VP9 - hence my thread here). Can pm5 be installed separately?
  2. Ac/dc (Stern 2012)

    Thanks. Do you have a link or instructions on how VP_PHYSMOD5 is installed? I just don't want to mess up all my other tables that currently work fine.
  3. Ac/dc (Stern 2012)

    Hello Everyone. Just found this table - I have more than 80 on my cab...but this is the first time I've ever seen where there's no ball. It sounds like it's there, but there's nothing showing up. I saw some references to this last year - but wondering if there's a new (or newer) solution to help me solve this problem. Hope you can help!