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  1. VP9 vs VPX

    Ok clear on the physmod5 but I'm still going to try to update the ACDC table cause it rocks both literally and figuratively. So if I update Windows, is there a fix for the Dot.net issue? Does it only affect certain games? Can you undo that portion of the upgrade? I'm not clear what to do based on your answer?
  2. VP9 vs VPX

    Ok I'll work on it this weekend. Can I update my windows 7. Currently I have is set not to update, will this effect any of the software? Finally, I want to update some of my physmod5 tables. Is it just a matter of downloading the updated version and replacing the existing file? Where can I find the physmod5 downloads? Thalamus you are a bro justin
  3. VP9 vs VPX

    Is there a thread on how to add VPX? I have VP9 and Physmod5.
  4. VP9 vs VPX

    I am curently running VP9. Is VP10 worth upgrading? If I upgrade do I lose all my tables? Can I upgrade my windows 7 prior to upgrading to VP10? justin
  5. Thalamus, Buddy i got it!!!! My monitor was not recognized right after I updated pinballX and it messed up my ScreenRes.exe. I read all your recommended posts and figured out the answer. This is important because if this ever happens to anyone else or for anyone that has a cabinet from VPCabs the settings below are what you need. The tricky part which I still can't quite understand is that in line 6 of the exe. you have to offset the backglass by 1920 pixels. You should also put 1920 by 1080 into pinballX for all monitors at X=O and Y=O. Thank you everyone for you patience and help! I'm a little excited cause this is the hardest problem I have ever resolved on a PC. I feel there is hope. Justin
  6. Ok so I got the right dimensions. The issue is just like in PinballX the directb2s image is now in my DMD. So here is a story, when I cloned my hard drive and rebooted for my computer said "cannot detect monitor." The one it couldn't detect was my monitor 2. Now images will go up on there from pinballX but virtual pin thinks my DMD is my monitor 2?
  7. Just a note. I have a file that says ScreenRes-copy. 1920 1080 1920 1080 1 1920 0 0 0 0 0 0
  8. No worries man site was down for me too. I'm totally green on this stuff so i totally am grateful for your help. I agree we should fix both. Certain tables work and certain tables don't work in PinballX. Static backglasses with DMD work while DirectB2S backglasses that track score, credits, etc do not work in PinballX. No backglasses work in virtual pin. ScreenRes 1920 1080 1920 1080 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
  9. It's important to note that most tables with the DMD and still backglass run perfectly using the front end but when I run them in virtual pinball there is no backglass image.
  10. Thalamus, When I run the game in Virtual Pinball there is no Backglass at all. When I run it with PinballX the directb2s maps to the DMD and works fine. I need to map it to the back glass. justin
  11. How about these settings?
  12. The screens work fine for games where I have a back screen, DMD, and table. Only games where I have just the working back glass is it jacked. ill start with pics next time, I promise.
  13. Gtxjoe i did what you said and now I can see the working directb2s backglass but it's in my DMD!!!