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  1. Can also confirm FG is now working with the above code changes (also, remember to still init fflips for SAM! I forgot first time) Cheers for the help!
  2. Hi, I too have gone through the whole list and heres what I saw. All worked 100% fine except the following, 1 - WPT is definitely the correct ROM, but the ms output is identical to before (17ish) 2 - Avengers might have worked, but the ms output display on the table I'm using is messed up, its just constatnyl increasing at a rapid rate so you can't get any meaningful output (it was like this before I added the FFlipsSAM init). So migth have worked, not sure. 3 - I too am having a bit of an issue with Family Guy, I have 1200af as well, but I've coloured it so not sure how I go about using 1200. For now, I'm leaving it as it is. 4 - I didn't test Dark Knight or Transformers as I'm only using VPX on my cabinet now and I don't have VPX versions of those tables....(yet)
  3. Sorry, does that mean if we take this latest 3.1 our SAM games will automagically get fast flips then?
  4. @djjoke so just to clarify, I have a Pincontrol1, DOF R2 is what I want, no doflink though, but is the DOF Config Tool useable if I say it’s a Ledwiz?
  5. Ah, I thought it ‘supported’ it because it’s talked about here http://pinball.weilenmann.net/docu/DirectOutputWIP/outputcontrollers_builtin.html Tbh, I’m thinking on just getting a LedWiz as it might be easier in the long run....just wondered how much I could get done with a Pincontrol1
  6. Hi I’m completely new to DOF and im just researching at the mo, but i have a Pincontrol1 and i believe DOF R3 works with that....but does the DOF config tool? I can’t see it as an option so i assume not, or is there a work around? Any idiot guides to DOF with a Pincontrol1 would be hugely appreciated too!
  7. I mean, I don't want to sound blunt but....if you're trying to upgrade PinballX on your pinball machine, how would installing it on your home computer work?
  8. Hi Just got a quick question which I hope is related and ok to ask here, its to do with setting up a FP table in a Cabinet, specifically the "resizing". I haven't looked at FP for some time, I have just VPX, FX3 in my current cabinet and its all running great. Last time tried to get FP (and BAM) setup, I remember really hating the table resizing you have to do for cabinet (the whole, scroll lock, cycle with numbers and slowly increase Width/Height/X/Y 1pt at a time etc Is this still the case or is there some handier "tool" for autoresizing tables to fit? How do people do the resize too, do you just increase height and width until it fills the screen? I seem to remember there was no "resize but keep aspect ratio" option so I'm always worried my tables could become too stretched. -Iain EDIT - I should just google for 10 seconds longer.... http://www.ravarcade.pl/?en_bam-auto-resize-for-new-table-is-not-working-i-still-see-a-large-gap-between-the-side-of-the-lcd-and-the-table,39 Is this what people generally use to reliably, and quickly, resize tables keeping aspect ratio in cabinet mode?
  9. Ok. I'm a bit of an idiot. I thought I had the 4 colour shades all setup in my PinDMDv3 from .dmc files and SetDMD tool...but after a quick test its actually the pin2dmd.pal files i've got in my altcolor folder. I wrongly assumed they only worked with Pin2DMD device. So, i've got lots of pin2dmd.pal files all working for the 4 shades. And I've got the above ROM patches for full frame by frame recolours. Am I missing anything more that I could do with just a PinDMDv3?
  10. Howdy Don't worry, this isn't another "how do I do this??" type thread. I'm more looking to try and figure out what current colourised ROMs are out there that will work with a PinDMDv3. I've been trawling threads for many days over a long period and just recently i've finally got ROM patching working and got my new Stern colour ROMs working nicely on my PinDMDv3, i'm just confused over the current level of support. So far, and please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the only way to get colourised ROMs to work on my DMD is using the bspatch and using .diff files to patch the ROMs themselves? Is this right? I've gone through all the ROM patches found here http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/category/95-color-rom-patches/ So i've got... Avengers Family Guy Spiderman VE Star Trek LE Big Buck Hunter Metallica LE ACDC LE Mustang LE All working. Shrek and PotC I believe won't work for me, and also The Simpsons doesn't appear to be a .diff style format (only has a .pal and .vni file which I have no idea about) so I assume that won't work on non Pin2Dmd devices? So are there any others out there I can also get working? I'm not talking about just the 4 colour changes, I've got lots of my ROM's setup already with those changes in PinDMDv3, I'm talking more about the frame by frame recolourings. Are there any others out there? Finally. Just to check...the pin2dmd.pal files are pretty much useless to me unless I get a .diff and patch the ROM right?
  11. Howdy Do any other people sometimes have VPX occasionally lock up before the ROM initialises when loading a table? I *think* with SAM tables? My Setup is.. VPX - 10.3.1 Revision 3132 (32 bit) PinMame - 2.9 (1.42) I have a PinDMDv3 and I believe I have the latest DMDExt installed for PFX2 support. Sometimes, and I think its after varied use, when I load up a VPX table - either via PinballX frontend, when recording using PBXRecorder, or just running a table manually, the playfield will load, the backglass server will load, but the DMD will never display. The ROM never seems to start and the playfield never "starts". VPX just locks up and eventually dies. It *looks* like an our of memory issue? Annoyingly, even rebooting VPX after it dies doesn't clear the issue, I tend to have to restart the whole machine and then it works fine. I think i've only seen it happen after many plays of different tables (memory leak?). Also it seems to only be heavy tables, maybe only SAM ones (just had it happen on Metallica, think i've seen it on Avengers, Mustang and maybe one other). Anyone else experienced this? I've only got 4gb of RAM if thats significant. Sorry if this is the wrong forums for this... -Iain
  12. Is this with regards to the Gottlieb System 3 slow down using DMDExt? Or is this some other slowdown issue?
  13. Monitors will always be better than a tv given the choice when comparing like for like. Their resolution, colour/clarity and input lag will out do the TV with regards to gaming any day of the week. However. They aint cheap. 42" monitors will be considerably more expensive than a 42" tv. Thats really what it comes down too when comparing. If you can afford it in your budget go with a monitor, if you can't go with a tv. Many of us (myself included) play with a TV, if the input lag or the like was "so bad" none of us would do it. Its fine, but of course, could be better. I've yet to spot a monitor price wise that I think is worth it for that little bit extra lag reduction. I'd sooner spend money upgrading CPU/GFX to be honest.
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