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  1. XMEN ROM Colour Patch

    DJRobx, sorry see what you mean about the title. Yeh I have looked everywher, but if I ever get one I will let you know how to get it too
  2. Hi All, Does anyone know if there is a colour rom patch (diff file) for xmn_151hc available? love the table, it would be great with the propper colour dmd. Regards Matt
  3. Hello There, I joined this great community a few months ago. Back then I had only put the visual pinball software on my desktop pc. Thanks to everyones help on this and other sites,I managed to build my own table. My Budget cabinet built link is below. (my first ever you tube upload. Hopefully it might help give some ideas for new starters who are thinking of building their own cab. Cheers Link below. Matt http://www.youtube.c...qklg539sY&t=11s