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  1. As you all guessed it was the ScreenRes file. I updated my positioning and everything is perfect now. Thanks everyone!
  2. No it's not my first as I've used SetDMD successfully for all my other tables. whenecer I have grill enabled and dmd enabled I get the grill and dmd to show up correctly. This might be the first B2S that I selected to display the B2S dmd. I see it showing up on my 2nd monitor (backglass display) and when I Alt-Tab I see it as a formDMD window. If I'm successfully able to have regular DMDs showing on my 3rd monitor why wouldn't a B2S dmd follow suit? I'm at work at the moment but will review those suggested links first chance I get. Thanks Blacksad & Outhere. i
  3. I downloaded the 3scr version and setup my B2S options as Grill: Hidden, DMD: Hidden, B2SDMD: Visible. How do I move the formDMD which I'm assuming is the B2SDMD to my 3rd monitor?