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  1. Lwclone On Arduino Mega 2560

    A resistor between 220 and 470 Ω should do nicely. I use 220
  2. Lwclone On Arduino Mega 2560

    For the wemos, it actually use D6,D7,D8, and GND (must be connected to the same GND use by the ledstrips). But, i work on an improved version that use D5,D6,D7. If you can provides an connector to this 4 PINS (D5-D8) with 4 resistors (between the wemos pin and the connector), and a connector for the GND of the wemos (to connect it to the GND of the ledstrips power supply), it would be perfect
  3. Lwclone On Arduino Mega 2560

    @UncleSash @aetios : we have also provide a clone of the teensy that use a wemos mini pro board and manage the RGB adressable LED It would be fun if we can have one single shield for the mega 2560, MMA8451, and the wemos
  4. Lwclone On Arduino Mega 2560

    I think you can also build a simple adaptator for the existing shield
  5. Lwclone On Arduino Mega 2560

    Hy all, I just finish the integration of the MMA845X accelerometer (using I2C bus) to the lwclone code. I reuse the pinscape code for the calibration, ... You can find the fork at : https://github.com/kakou-fr/lwcloneu2
  6. Same error, same fix used. But what do this parameter 'at91jit' ?
  7. A new video with 144led right, and a 8x72 matrix Teensy Ledstrip Controller
  8. Hi all, I created a port of the teensy controller with a "wemos D1 mini pro" (5-10$). Because, importing the teensy and the opto in France is very expensive ... It's just a portage of the teensy code to wemos (with FASTLed library) and a small modification of DOF (3-5 lines). It's working on my pincab with 1 right bar (144 leds) and 1 backboard (4x72 leds). I am wanting for more leds for a full config (L/R 130 leds and backboard 8x72). It's also working for another beta tester (R/L). Before publshing the code, I search 1-2 beta tester Someone is interesting ? Wemos rgb controller
  9. Pin2Dmd V2 Activation

    Donation done, I send you a message Thank you for the jobs done