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  1. I have 2 brand new replacement RGB dmd screens. $50 for the pair + shipping. Please ping me at gpinzon1@optonline.net
  2. the new patches dont work. I had to revert to the old ones. Pinmame crashes with new patches roms Pin2dmd 2.40 firmware 2.9. pinmame 32 bit- Win 7 64 bit
  3. I saw there was a new shrek and POTC color rom patch. I tried them but they didnt work with pinmame 2.9.
  4. Ok so then what dll do we use for pindmd3 that supports the latest pinmame 2.9? even if it doesnt have full color support?
  5. I have a pindmd3 as backup to my pin2dmd. What dll do I use to get full color support for the pindmd3 and latest pinmame 2.9? I tried a freezy dll that worked about the pinmame dmd was always on the screen and I couldn't hide it via b2s
  6. son of a gun. There was a hidden space in my folder name causing the palette file not to load.
  7. The colorization between Metallica pro and le for example are the same . I am asking if the colors are supposed to be the same between roms? I would seem the LE roms doesn't have as nice look to it. If the answer is yes the person who did the colorization used different palettes and frame techniques vs the other rom then so be it. I have not gotten confirmation that's the case .
  8. yes you guys are correct but that still doesn't answer the question why i the color different?
  9. I want to add both acd168_hc and acd168_c have the 4 color box checked in pinmame.
  10. I am not sure what you mean? I have a folder created with the rom names for both my acd_168 and acd168_hc which have the corresponding palette files. Does your Pro color rom look like mine?
  11. Ok I am finally home now. Here are the screen shots side by side. The green colored one is ACDC LE running the latest 1.2 lucky patch and palette file vs the ACDC Pro color rom thats red and orange. The Pro looks correct. What is everyone else seeing? I am running latest pin2dmd firmware 2.8 and pinmame 2..9 https://ibb.co/nfDo1Q https://ibb.co/kcXgMQ
  12. I can when I am back home later in the week. ITs pretty straight foward , if you compare colors on the pro vs LE they are different. IF you guys are seeing same color frame on both then something is wrong on my end.
  13. I am running the 1.02 version and the colors look off from what the ACDC pro rom looks like. Anyone else having this issue? I am running 2.8 firmware and the latest pinmame 2.9 beta
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