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  1. OK so I am a little lost here. The board has 2.38 on it. I treid using ST-link to update via usb to the latest fw, but everytime i try it says in windows it cannot find the board. eventhough windows driver sees it as pin2dmd. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Sorry just took a look at the bag, RGB-DMD Shield rev 2.26 US - has ls123 and tried enhanced jumper on and in setup enchanced on. Firmware is 2.38 not 2.88 yes you are correct fsq is what I used from malenko I was writing from memory and my memory sucks.
  3. to date I have installed a number of these from sash and they have worked just great. Today I am having an issue I cant put my finger on. The display shows imagas for a certain random period then goes blank. I press the reset button and it comes back for anoter randon time then goes blank. could be 2 seconds could be 20 seconds. But once its blank its blank. The blue and greed leds on the stm freeze as well. I had this setup running for days unhooked from a pin and it never stopped displaing its screen. In a Williams T2 Pin with profanity 0.6 roms (which seem to be a seperate issue) using the .pal and .ftm from malenko Setting are bally/williams enhanced mode on. So i am scratching my head as to whether this is an stm / shield issue or something else.
  4. ibjeepin

    Terminator 2

    Malenko What version of firmware did you code this for. I installed in to real pin for the profanity rom set and there seems to be display issues where certain scenses are not displaying correctly. IBJ
  5. ibjeepin

    The Getaway - High Speed II

    Malenko's my man! And nothing say a person cant give a donation to someone of his own free will IBJ
  6. ibjeepin

    Start messing with South Park

    flippnswitchez Have you had anytime to work on this project?
  7. ibjeepin

    Lethal Weapon 3

    I just checked min is rev 2.00 guess i am burning two sets got the roms from ipdb.
  8. ibjeepin

    Lethal Weapon 3

    malenko will do let me get on it.
  9. ibjeepin

    Lethal Weapon 3

    Multiball sounds good to me! ill have to check what version fw I have but i can burn my own roms. let me know if you need help with that.
  10. ibjeepin

    Lethal Weapon 3

    Malenko Awesome! I will donate as well! I have a LW3 just sitting there! Doing nothing, just mono-ing it
  11. ibjeepin

    Terminator 2

    Thanks for the great job! I am crying ow that I traded my T2 a while back! I might just have to buy one again!