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  1. The Getaway - High Speed II

    Malenko's my man! And nothing say a person cant give a donation to someone of his own free will IBJ
  2. Start messing with South Park

    flippnswitchez Have you had anytime to work on this project?
  3. Lethal Weapon 3

    I just checked min is rev 2.00 guess i am burning two sets got the roms from ipdb.
  4. Lethal Weapon 3

    malenko will do let me get on it.
  5. Lethal Weapon 3

    Multiball sounds good to me! ill have to check what version fw I have but i can burn my own roms. let me know if you need help with that.
  6. Lethal Weapon 3

    Malenko Awesome! I will donate as well! I have a LW3 just sitting there! Doing nothing, just mono-ing it
  7. Terminator 2

    Thanks for the great job! I am crying ow that I traded my T2 a while back! I might just have to buy one again!
  8. Pin2Dmd Editor

    So I finished 1 Mansion scene, It only took about 9 -10 blurry hours of colorizing each of the 78 frames by hand Just the mansion scene alone has another 12 more of these let alone all the other animations. There has to be an easier way to do this with moving / scrolling animations where most of it is the same. like maybe the programmer could put on his list a fill mask where I can do a color pallet replace like all photo editor programs have and I just click on source and destination colors in a mask to chage all the pixels with one click. Or it would be great if I could for this another way. Anyway at this rate it will take me forever to colorize this beast. Now I understand why so few pins hae been done and why ColorDMD charges a boatload of money for essentially the same hardware. Its the colorization! Any help to speed this up or links to the info would be great IBJ
  9. Pin2Dmd Editor

    yes but which method 2 or 3? I would assume 3? Again dont want to colorize endless frames that are the same? and I might not want to copy paste the entire frame as some of it "moves" slightly.
  10. Pin2Dmd Editor

    Can anyone tell me the best way to animate the mansion scenes there are as many as the windows but there are many keyframes the exact same in each animation and wish to minimize the redundancy in effort. I wish to do them in 16 colors there are 3 of the examples videos below TAF Mansion 1 Animation TAF Mansion 2 Animation TAF Mansion 3 Animation As well anyone can tell me how to embed a youtube video here like others.
  11. pin2dmd Stern Whitestar T3 required files

    Breikers, see pic
  12. Pin2Dmd Editor

    Yes that fixed the problem! Thanks, now back to colorizing!