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  1. I have a Terminator 2 pinball machine I have been having problems with. I cant remember specifics but I am using a Uncle Sash shield I bought several years ago. What happens is. Turn on the machine and it works just great and then after a while it looks like it starts to just malufunction (fade away) then to nothing. The machine continues to play. I tried a completely different board setup and the same thing happens. After a certain while could be 5 minutes could be a minute or two. One has to tur off the machine to reset. Given the machine has integrated video and not a separate card I suspect it lies within the video output and not the shield. But a regular plasma dmd works just fine. Anyone seen this or have some ideas?
  2. Oh wow. have not been keeping up! Did not know Demo Man was being worked on! Where do I sign up! :) Great job so far slippifishi!
  3. OK so I am a little lost here. The board has 2.38 on it. I treid using ST-link to update via usb to the latest fw, but everytime i try it says in windows it cannot find the board. eventhough windows driver sees it as pin2dmd. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Sorry just took a look at the bag, RGB-DMD Shield rev 2.26 US - has ls123 and tried enhanced jumper on and in setup enchanced on. Firmware is 2.38 not 2.88 yes you are correct fsq is what I used from malenko I was writing from memory and my memory sucks.
  5. to date I have installed a number of these from sash and they have worked just great. Today I am having an issue I cant put my finger on. The display shows imagas for a certain random period then goes blank. I press the reset button and it comes back for anoter randon time then goes blank. could be 2 seconds could be 20 seconds. But once its blank its blank. The blue and greed leds on the stm freeze as well. I had this setup running for days unhooked from a pin and it never stopped displaing its screen. In a Williams T2 Pin with profanity 0.6 roms (which seem to be a seperate issue) using the .pal and .ftm from malenko Setting are bally/williams enhanced mode on. So i am scratching my head as to whether this is an stm / shield issue or something else.
  6. Malenko What version of firmware did you code this for. I installed in to real pin for the profanity rom set and there seems to be display issues where certain scenses are not displaying correctly. IBJ
  7. Malenko's my man! And nothing say a person cant give a donation to someone of his own free will IBJ
  8. flippnswitchez Have you had anytime to work on this project?
  9. I just checked min is rev 2.00 guess i am burning two sets got the roms from ipdb.
  10. Multiball sounds good to me! ill have to check what version fw I have but i can burn my own roms. let me know if you need help with that.
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