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  1. DOF not working in VP, but in DOF testing??

    Nope, makes no difference... Every LED responds in "DirectOutputConfigTester", but at table in VP all LED's dead. Other idea´s ?? In my opinion: If the LED's are acually working, then it must be related either Teensy or B2S sending and receiving commands. Teensy is flashing in blue constantly repeating: Two blinks - short pause - two blinks - short pause - two blinks - short pause - etc.. I've tried connecting Teensy to another USB-port. It made no difference..
  2. DOF not working in VP, but in DOF testing??

    Ok, here we go! I stripped the log file, otherwise this is my current set up. This time testing Jurassic Park... Thanks for all help! Cabinet.xml GlobalConfiguration_b2SServer.xml DirectOutput_LastLog.txt
  3. DOF not working in VP, but in DOF testing??

    Ok thanks, I tried a couple of more times, same results. I can't find any difference compared to https://directoutput.github.io/DirectOutput/installation.html But b2sserversettings.xml ?? I made a search for that and could not find it! Interesting, where is the standard location for that file? Otherwise, is a full re-install including windows a good option? Been struggling for weeks, at this moment I hate this Pinball Cab more than my wife does...
  4. Hello I need some help to isolate my problem. I'ven running A LOT of testing, reading, testing, etc but I can't understand what's wrong. I have Teensy + one strip 156 addressable LED's running right+back+left side. If I load Medieval Madness in DirectOutputConfigTester.exe, I get solenoid and switches list. While sending pulse or activation all my LED's respond nicely. BUT when I start the exact same table in VP nothing happens??! No blink, nothing... Plugins are activated, DOF is running, table is running, no lag, etc etc. What could cause this behavior?
  5. Pin2dmd fried?

    I know for sure that I by misstake connected the panels to 12V instead of 5V. I also know that sound of electric overload (crackling, frying), so I pulled the chord at once. These became useless (but not exactly dead either, they're constantly like the picture). Buy new panels was my solution, expensive misstake...
  6. Startup trouble

    Ok, Thanks for all help! I got it working now!! I found another China STM32 board that I had forgotten (Too much stuff?? Yes I think so..). This also had the same faulty MicroUsb socket, so I built a reversed MicroUsb cable, connected, flashed, and installed driver. All fine. Extra wire from PA9 to 5V also working for powering the board. Only thing is another hardware means I need a new activation code, but that's cheap and fast compared to buying new hardware. BIG WARNING for those who buy China-STM32's: The MicroUsb socket/cable must be upside-down compared to the MiniUsb socket/cable! Otherwise you'll fry your board, or even worse your computer. Wrong MicroUsb socket makes the board a complete short-curcuit.
  7. Startup trouble

    Ok, I need a new board... Searched the net for STM32F407, but it seems they're out of stock everywhere and not manufacured anymore. Just "china-versions" available. I'll skip those... Can I go for the STM32F411VE instead?? Looks similar.
  8. Startup trouble

    Since this seemed to be useless, I spent some time "repairing" it. What I found is the MicroUsb socket must be upside down. Simple measuring showed that the +5V pin at a normal MicroUsb cable is routed to the boards common ground!! WTF! So I made some soldering. Put the faulty socket off, and soldered a Usb-cable directly to the board. Correct this time. Now, Windows find something at least and PC boots without any problem. But when I start Zadig install tool, I don't have any PIN2DMD at the dropdown list?? What to do here? Does it look normal?
  9. Startup trouble

    Picture of STM32 board and panels. Power from Mini Usb. Powering STM32 only by Micro USB is impossible, but according to everything I read it should have worked... Display looks nice, but a bit boring with nothing else than the PIN2DMD logo all the time
  10. Startup trouble

    OK! Thanks for that info. I can't power up the board at all by Micro Usb, 4 green leds while powering by Mini Usb... Then this board must be defect. I'll get a new one.
  11. Startup trouble

    I feed the panels with a separate old PC PSU. Should be ok and enough current. I think it's something round the STM32 board. It's almost like a short curcuit when I connect the MICRO-Usb cable. I've checked the instructions over and over, but I can't find what I'm missing... so frustrating...
  12. Startup trouble

    Hello This is my first try setting up a virtual pinball. I have STM32, display panels etc, but no shield. Just wired the led-panels to STM pins. I have made programming, connection, I have the PIN2DMD-logo running at the panels, I have text "Virtual Pinball" in red under the logo. Before it said "not activated", so I assume I got the activation correct. So far ok I think, but I can't get signal from the PC. STM32 Board has 4 green lights constantly on, powered by the MINI-usb connected at the PC usb socket. Green light seems good, but something mst be wrong. If I connect a MICRO-usb from the computer to the board, the PC hangs at BIOS saying something about Usb power. As soon I disconnect MICRO, the PC boots. I tried a MICRO-special, with powerpins bypassed = Only data +, data -. Then PC boots, Windows finds a unknown device, but I can not manage to assign the driver to it. If MINI is disconnected, and only MICRO connected, the board shows no lights + nothing on the display panels. Any ideas highly appreciated!
  13. Broken RGB panels or something else

    Not cheap mistake at all. I bought from Aliexpress too. The first panels caused import taxes, and so did the second ones Still, the show must go on
  14. Broken RGB panels or something else

    I ordered two new LED-panels, and now it's working. I use the same STM. So don't connect 12V to these panels
  15. Broken RGB panels or something else

    Hello This is my first build, so I have limited experience. Today I hooked up my panels and STM-board. I made a direct connection by cutting one end of Panels HUB75, and connect wires to STM-board. By misstake I first connected the panels to 12V instead of 5V!! Thought they died, but I fixed the connection and tried again. Without STM-board running, the panels are completely black, When turning on the STM, I get color on the displays. But I don't get the Pin2DMD logo. Is this due to fried panels or somthing with the wires? Regards,