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  1. Tyboderek

    Potc---Can't Get It To Run

    Thalamus - thank you so much. It worked just loading it manually instead of double clicking. It even worked when I launched it from PinballX. I would hsve never tried it so thanks sgain for the tip.
  2. Tyboderek

    Potc---Can't Get It To Run

    Well now table and backglass load but tables wont start and exits to editor after abouts 10 seconds.
  3. Tyboderek

    Potc---Can't Get It To Run

    CarneyPriest When I unzip the file it contains a file named potc_600as.bin. Are you saying I need to zip the potc_600as.bin file to become a new potc_600as.zip and place that file in the rom directory. The script references potc_600as which is the name of the file I downloaded. So confused.
  4. Tyboderek

    Potc---Can't Get It To Run

    I am confused. When I download potc_600as it indicates it is already a zip file. I copied it directly to the roms folder and still get line 141 rom not found. HOW SHOULD I BE CHANGING THE NAME? I have 98 tables working and this is kicking my tail.