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  1. alrighty... so here is where I'm at with a new idea that could/should take PuP displays to a whole new LEVEL... We're talking about a fully dynamic environment for backglasses and more (dmd, gamelogic....etc) on the technical side: I've written a very small HTTP Server with an embedded WebSocket Server (designed to run local access only during gameplay) ok... so what does that allow someone to do? Well so many things that I haven't thought about it all yet But in its basic form. A PuP display can actually setup to be a 'chrome' embedded browser (to the user it doesn't look like a browser, its bordless/toolbarless). So now, this local embedded browser connects to the PuPServer via http and websockets. Http to grab any HTML5/GameEngine/Javascipt/Files/Images...you name it... and it will also connect via websockets to get instant (server pushed) websockets messages. (realtime VPINMAME messages like lights, solenoids...switches) So we could create the most 'awesom-ness' dynamic backglass....and more. so with html5/javascript we're using current 'tech' and can use/reuse all sorts of different libraries for game engines and more.... this I think is important and moving to new stuff, you don't want to be stuck with a certain way. anything you learn about using this method is helping you in the 'real-world' of html5/javascript/web design! Here are just some examples of free htm5 games engines and such...browse some sample projects and code... https://phaser.io/examples/v2/category/bitmapdata http://pixijs.io/examples/#/demos/blendmodes.js http://greweb.me/illuminated.js/#{"lights":[],"objects":[],"globals":{"maskcolor":"rgba(0,0,0,0.9)"}} this is all 'WIP' ideas/thoughts.... but I have a working prototype. I'm NOT a web-designer, so it'd be great to get some feedback/testers/devs who are 'stronger' in web-dev/html5/javascripting/game engines. Backglasses are just the start... you could run 'anything' in a browser, and interfaced to VPX then all sorts of ideas are possible like original game-logic, interactive html-sub-games during play.... etc. whew..... hopefully that makes sense.....btw: I know this will required MORE system resources, but its 2018.... need to look ahead, and people always need an excuse to 'upgrade' their hardware looking for any opinions... good or bad... and ideas that I maybe haven't thought about....