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  1. Thanks for this guide Major Frenchy - all the information in one place 😃 Just had one issue - your guide (and on other forums) says : "You will need to save as again and name it GlobalConfig_B2S.Server and save it in the same location." There shouldn't be a '.' in it - it should be GlobalConfig_B2SServer (i.e. GlobalConfig_B2SServer.xml) Kept me puzzling for a while, but sorted it and works great! Thanks again - off to check out more of your videos. 😁 Steve.
  2. Hi Terry, Is there any advantage / disadvantage to having Pinscape set up as keyboard keys? I'm preparing to set mine up for the first time, and was going to go 'keys'... Thanks Steve
  3. Absolutely gutted for you Terry. Your enthusiasm and self drive are inspiring me to build my first cab, I am certain that your response to this will be not only to replace the screen, but to end up with something new and improved. Good Luck, and don't be out of action too long! Steve
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