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  1. maybe there are newer version as 4735 which will work; but didn´t found them to download / test.
  2. 4788 and older didn´t work. The first version i´ve found backwards which works is v.4735 ... try it out with space shuttle and you know what i mean thanks for your support and a nice sunday, greedings Kai
  3. Yes, those announces of the astronaut and some sound effects... are very quiet. but works with SamBuild 3.1 with a normal volume. Thanks for info @Thalamus So i will go back some 3.2 Sambuild releases to test backwards (if i find them).
  4. Really sure ? btw. i´ve played Space Shuttle very often in the past. Noticed at the first game now that the voices aren´t so loud as i remembered. So i made the test with SamBuild 3.1 and it works. But, i will test it at another system now ...
  5. Hey guys ... i´ve noticed with the new release of Bord´s Space Shuttle Table (rom: sshtl_l7) that the rom voices are ways too quiet (with VPinMame SamBuild 3.2 r4802). Retested it with the release of Sambuild 3.1 and all is fine. Any thoughts / hints i´ve missed ? Thank you and a nice weekend 😀 greedings, Kai
  6. Amazing, ready for donation too 🤩
  7. Thank you very much for this amazing colorization ... looks PERFECT ! 🤩
  8. Thank you very much for this nice release and your work ... 🤩 Greedings, Kai
  9. Ohhh sure, my mistake. twd_156h is the LE Table Rom ... (now in german): ok groni .... englisch ist manchmal nicht so einfach wenn man was bestimmtes ausdrücken will. Dir nen schönen Abend; ich teste noch ein wenig =)
  10. It´s me again Groni ; is it possible to use the twd_156h rom with your table ? Or should i rename the 156 rom to 156h ? Update: 156h isn´t working. i asked because RGB Undercab Lightning isn´t working with 156. Can´t change DOF config to 156 because there is only 156h set as default; nothing to change there.
  11. Thanks für your reply. I´m always in a "viewing testing mode" and often not happy with my results. With your settings you will get a nice looking perspective with a lot of deepness that im missing with my "prefered" settings. But as last i was playing real pinball ... 8 weeks ago ... i think my settings are right and your settings are much more "nice and deep" but sure it´s the real view if you are standing in front of a cabinet ? No problem, Table looks awesome like a real one and now i have a reason to test more and more with your and my viewing settings. Sorry for my english; can´t explain everything in words how i would say it in my motherlanguage =) Nice evening Groni - greedings, Kai
  12. Hey Groni, thanks for this amazing table. Looks nice´n sharp ... and plays smooth. Maybe flipper strength must be increased a bit ? Du you use a cabinet to test tables with these (interesting) landscape settings ? My favourite settings are mostly for example inclination 5 to 10 fov 23 to 30 layback 50 x to 0, z-offset to zoom in and adjust then y to fit table. My tests will go on with this amazing table. - thx thx thx
    Good work. Thx for this nice looking backglass
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