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  1. I found this tip on a Reddit forum: "Look for b2s.server and change it to VPinMAME.Controller" ... That fixes the errors I was getting. This is such an odd issue I'm going to leave this here in case anyone else experiences it. I'd love to know what caused it and exactly what this fix does, though. Thanks, --J
  2. I finally found the latest files thanks to your post and got the original tables working, but now I'm trying to get Tron and X-Men working, as examples. Here are my latest errors when trying to launch those two tables. The list of errors are: - Can not load VpinMame -ActiveX component can't create object. - VpinMame version 01560000 required - Sam version 3.1 or higher is required - Line 48: object required 'controller' - Line 1322: object required 'controller' I'd appreciate any further assistance you may be able to offer. Thanks, --J
  3. I've tried everything on this page and have read and re-read and just cannot figure out how to add some Stern tables. I'm trying to add 24 and AC-DC Luci and get "Game name not found" errors on both. I renamed the roms and renamed the files inside the zip files to what the script was looking for. Neither game shows up in setup/test, either, so I don't know why or what to do next. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, --J