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  1. I still struggle with understanding DOF scripting. I'm adding some more action to the game play of "The Clash" based on JP's "Rock Encore."

    1, Can I combine ROM and non-ROM events to a table? I don't have contactors so I have no way to quickly test the theory. I'm trying to fire contactors and/flashers for non-ROM events.

    Both of these events are not in the "Rock" ROM.  Can I just add DOF numbers to the event, and then add "E105" to the appropriate toy in the DOF Config Tool?]


    Sub Bumper1_Hit

        PlaySoundAt SoundFXDOF("fx_bumper",105,DOFPulse,DOFcontactors), Bumper001
        Playsound "CLASHX35"

       DOF 105, 2

    End Sub



    Sub BrixtonKicker_hit()
        PlaySoundAt SoundFXDOF("fx_slingshot",131,DOFPulse,DOFcontactors), BrixtonKicker
        Playsound "CLSHX11"
        BrixtonKicker.Kick 0,40
        DOF 131, 2
    End Sub


    Thanks for help. Pete

  2. I use a Bluetooth keyboard with trackpad. Logitech k830. But it would require that your computer have Bluetooth and you’d have to have a way to get to the control panel of Windows to check. I’m guessing the motherboard has USB inputs but you’ll have to open it up to get to them. Did you buy it from commercial seller or a person? The problem here, like thalamus said, vpin cabs can be made thousands (er, maybe millions) of ways. And everyone’s is different. Seems odd that someone would sell you a computer without an input device. They are worthless without them. And vpins are just computers with one, fun purpose.  I’d contact seller if you can and ask how they did it. Pics would help. Is there an access door somewhere? BTW pinballX is commonly found as a folder on the  computer’s “C:” drive.  

  3. Clash, The (Original 2018)

    This is a re-theme of "Rock Encore" by JPSalas. Thanks to JP for letting me mod and doing the hard parts, and Inkochnito for his scripting additions.

    "The Clash" would  be a audio mess if it wasn't for Xenonph, who did the audio scripting for me, and made some awesome changes to my effects. And to the beta testers who made some great recommendations.

    The zip file contains the table, directb2s file, ROM, music for the game and some bonus material in the form of wheel icons. I also added two additional songs to the game from the beta version. Music in your Music folder.

    Special Note #1: The ROM on JP's table was "rock" ... I used the "rock_enc" ROM so I could change the wording on the scoring display. If you use this modified ROM on your Rock Encore game, it will change the language from "Rock & Roll Lives" to "This is Radio Clash".

    Special Note  #2. This uses 19 music tracks so the game eats up a lot of HD space. I plan to release an EP version with only 5 or 6 songs, so people who aren't big fans of The Clash, and don't want to tie up HD space, can have a "light" version.

    NOTE: Distribution of this table, b2s file, or music on a computer, virtual pinball machine or any similar device, which is SOLD as part of a commercial product, or sharing this file on a website, or via a file transfer process, without my permission is strictly prohibited. Support the community by not selling VPX work for commercial purposes. The Clash music library is administered by Universal Music Publishing Group UK. 

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      Contact Author First.
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  4. The Flash (Original 2018)

    NOTE: Distribution of this file on a computer, virtual pinball machine or any variation of such device, which is sold as part of a product, or making this file available to download from a website, or via a file transfer process, without my permission is strictly prohibited. All characters, logos, and Flash themed graphics are the property of DC Comics. 


    This is re-theme of JP Salas' awesome Flash (Wiliams 1979). It is my first attempt at creating anything in visual pinball.  I welcome input and suggestions. I didn't touch JP's coding cause I think it plays really well.

    Big thanks to JP for letting me mod his work. Thanks to Wildman for letting me deconstruct his B2S file for Flash, then rebuild. Also, Hauntfreaks and Vogliadicane gave great advice on the graphics, it's much better with their input. And I have to thank Jim L. for telling me about comic book discrepancies. 

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      Included in zip
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      Wheel icon included in zip
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  5. The guy who gave me my Joker Poker cabinet will soon have a Card Whiz cabinet available if anyone wants it. This is for the backbox and cabinet only. The photos show hardware but he is moving ALL the hardware to a new cabinet in better shape. The only major issue is some bad bondo work on the front left side. Looks worse than pics show apparently. 

    The cabinet is in Myrtle Beach, SC, free for pickup. He said he would sell with side rails for $50.

    Message or post, and I'll forward interest to him. He's not a vpinner so I said I'd field interest. 







    IMG_20180111_094731588 (1).jpg

  6. I've done everything in the "read first" post by swisslizard and double checked everything. I think I have deleted all B2S files outside my Visual Pinball folder (I am interested if there's a good way to check beyond searching for "B2S")  and unblocked all DOF and B2S UAC messages. I've checked the "activate plugins" in B2s. 

    I'm using the Pinscape (R3) version of DOF with the Pinscape main interface expansion board. DOF only for 4 button lights.

    I installed as "in own directory."

    'DirectOutput' folder in 'Visual Pinball' folder. Unpacked the Pinscape R3 DOF version contents into the folder. Created a 'plugins' folder in my VPX table folder, and placed a shortcut to 'DirectOutput' folder inside. I created a 'configs' folder in my 'DirectOutput' folder and put my DOF Configtool files inside.


    1. My installation didn't create a "config" folder in the "DirectOutput" folder. Just to confirm, is that a folder I create? I didn't see instructions but did see on DOF page screenshots. And that is the location I place the DOF Configtool files (?)

    2. I don't have a "global config" file. 

    Not sure where to go next. Help appreciated. Thanks.

    Solution: I'm too embarrassed to say, but I had files in the wrong locations. Kudos for Bambi Plattfuss's FAQ video for walking me through it. 

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