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Status Replies posted by Onevox

  1. When I started to think about what you were working on, I realized the WW logo I got from the web wasn't very good. The upper edge of the graphic was jagged, the right side had duplicate pixels (note the duplicate ridge line), and it was cut off on the left side. I fixed all.

    The timecode indicates sequence. Every three frames. I did 15 just in case a few more are needed. Let me know if you need anything else. 


    1. Onevox


      Cool idea. I'm hoping one day for toppers that work like B2S. So some of my neon toppers would flash with pop bumpers, etc.

      I didn't include the sky, logo, and eagle in mine, because I like toppers with different shapes. Breaks up the PF rectangle, DMD rectangle, BG rectangle, topper rectangle look. 


      Look forward to seeing what you come up with...


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