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  1. http://www.mediafire.com/download/n0jvdwdxmmt/Williams+Widebody.pdf
  2. Thanks for this table. I don't know what pop bumper ball stuck situation you have adjusted, but the first game I played the ball came from 'walk the plank' and got stuck at the bottom of the pop bumper above the chest. Ton
  3. Hello guys, When I start this table in VP it says that it's missing Sam.vbs It's not in the scripts folder or in vpvbs3_43.zip Where can I find it? Thanks. Edit: Found it. It's not included with the newer VPinMAME.dll, but when you download the the VPinMAME.dll from the downloadsection it's included. http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/2450-sam-enabled-pinmame/
  4. Yeh I read about that. In my pc (not my cab yet) I use a Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD4-B3. I noticed when pc is off that leds on my vga are still on, and I suspect there is still power on usb. I can't find anything in the bios to turn that off. I will see if the asrock is something for me in the near future.
  5. What is your Gigabyte motherboard type? I was thinking about using a Gigabyte when I'm going to build my cab. But perhaps I should stay away from it.
  6. You know what registry keys to backup? Yesterday I found this SMARegisTry Backup Installation to backup individual registry keys.
  7. I just checked my pc and cv_20hc is supported over here. Do you use pinemhi 1.2?
  8. Did you put pinemhi.exe and pinemhi.ini in you Hyperpin folder (not in a sub folder)? Did you put the path to the nvram folder in pinemhi.ini (VP=C:\Program Files (x86)\Visual Pinball\VPinMame\nvram\)?
  9. But this discussion is about the new games and not the old
  10. Without reading a manual I think it's not that hard. Download the rom, put in on a usb stick, stick it into the motherboard, flip a dipswitch and perhaps restart the pinball machine to load the rom. It's not rocket science. duh
  11. Thanks for the update. I only think that the table is 'narrow'. What can be done to correct that (widen/extend)
  12. @dup3d Can you post the updated table in a dropbox or someting like that. Not everybody (for sure I'm not) is able to make the necessary changes. Thanks.
  13. See Preferences -> keys in Visual Pinball. Generally they are L Ctrl and R Ctrl. On your Ipac you can take any output you want and program these outputs L Ctrl and R Ctrl. The Ledwiz lit both normal and magna save flipper buttons. See here.
  14. The MagnaSave buttons are just like your first flippers hooked to your Ipac. The only 'flipper' item you connect to you LedWiz is to lit your flippers (RGB), not to control them.
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