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Files posted by kalavera3

  1. Striker Xtreme

    thanks to Sliderpoint and Xenonph for allowing me to modify his incredible NFL table.
    thanks to Sliderpoint for his model of goalkeeper, really stayed perfect!
    This table is one of my favorites, the first stern design after acquiring the division of sega pinballs and it is believed that this design was inherited from that company. the version that had been quite old and with graphics in low resolution, the playfield recreates it by parts, since I could not find a good quality photo to do it, the script is the same as the one that had the Sliderpoint and Xenonph table, with some small changes, like the lights.
    I hope you like it.



  2. Rack Em Up (Gottlieb 1983)

    Thanks to :
    Inkochnito for your Dipswitchs
    TAB, LuvThatApex and Destruk, for your version VP8
    dboyrecords for your conversion and rotation in VP9
    Also thanks to all those who got involved in one way or another (wildman in backglass, STAT in media pack, and if I forget someone I apologize)
    Thanks To Bord for his beautiful primitive flippers, implement them in this table.
    The table was recreated from scratch, the playfield try to make it as similar as possible to the original, there are few good photos out there, so i did what i could, hope the final result will please you, the door at the top where it comes out the ball to the field of play is not the model that should be, but as i'm not good with 3D modeling is what i could achieve, if someone is encouraged to recreate it and send to me, would replace it immediately, try to recreate the physics as best i could using the three videos find on Youtube.



  3. Lady Luck (Bally 1986)

    Thanks to destruk for its VP8 version, and to Xenonph for its conversion to VP9 and rotation for FS.
    This table caught my attention, because I like the subject that inspires it, and because it seemed to me that I needed a VPX version since the versions there are from several years ago.
    I started recreating the playfield, based on images I got on the internet, which I used as a model to recreate everything, since this is a complete recreation, the table was made in 4k as all my last tables, the only detail that did not fit so well is the plastic where the girls appear, I could not get any better image and recreate that would have taken me a lot more time, I hope someone wants to make a mod of this table improving those graphics.
    Well I hope you enjoy it and as you know if you find any errors or something that you think could be improved, leave your query on the table support site



  4. Contact (Williams 1978)

    Thanks to all those who helped to make this table in VP8 and VP9 Destruk - Kristian - Dboyrecords, I hope not to forget anyone. especially thanks to 32Assassins who is always there to help when it is most needed, you are my savior, thanks also to all the people who helped in any way to finish this table, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
    If they find errors (sure there are), let me know and within my possibilities I will solve them.
    Thanks Bord for allow me to use your primitive post and also to JPS for those who borrow the idea of the mobile target in their table Black Pyramid



  5. Lady Luck (Bally 1986)

    Backglass redrawn from scratch, I hope you enjoy it.


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  6. Road Runner

    It's my first attempt to recreate a table, I hope you like it. What I did was to use a table created by TAB and modify all the graphics, if there are errors, which is very likely, I will try to solve them, as long as it is within my possibilities, if someone can help me solve them much better. I want to thank TAB for your kindness in allowing me to modify your table. Also to the JPSalas master for encouraging me to recreate this table. Also to STAT who was the one who when I made the backglass ne gave the idea of this table.



  7. Gold Ball (Bally 1983) Directb2s

    Animated backglass created from the image of "Dboyrecord" thanks to him for allowing to use his resources


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  8. Gold Ball (Bally 1983) Media pack

    Complete media pack for Gold Ball 



  9. Gold Ball (Bally 1983)

    Thanks to:
    Flying Dutchman for your UVP animated backglass.
    Destruk for its VP9 table, from which I took all the data of the lights, which I could not get anywhere else.
    to dboyrecords for his table rotated to FS and his directb2s, from which he took the image to recreate mine.
    Hmueck for his playfield image that I used as base.
    The table was recreated taking the image of Hmueck, mentioned above, recreate all the playfield based on that image, trying to finish it as close as possible to the original, the same with the plastics, with images obtained from the internet, which improve graphically, try to give the most similar physics to what I could see in the videos i found on Youtube.
    This table has as a difference, that when completing the lights of GOLDBALL, when losing the ball, the next one will be a golden ball and the value of the points are tripled during that ball.
    Well I hope you like it, it was done trying to take care of the details, within my humble possibilities.



  10. Sharpshooter II (Gameplan 1983)

    I started this table because I found an image on the internet of great quality, although the playfield was deteriorated, I tried to rebuild it as best I could with all my limitations (I'm not a designer, although I really like that job) that took me almost a month, the plastics They are the ones that Kiwi gave to dboyrecords for the VP9 version of dboyrecords, since thank you very much to both of you, I found only two better plastics that use them and I was able to recreate the spinner that I found for sale on ebay, although the image was by the half, I recreated it as I thought it should be, since there are no images of it
    Thanks to all those who worked previously at this table, Destruk, TAB, Eala Dubh Sidhe, Aussie34, Many data helped me to understand how the lights worked and others since there is not much documentation of this table.
    Thanks to Stephan (STAT) for his media packageThanks to Wildman for his Great B2S
    A special thanks to Inkochnito, who wrote the dip switches on the VP8 table and that he also uses in this version.
    Thanks also to the great developers like JP, Assassins32, Ninuzzu, DjRobX,
     Rothbauerw, Flupper, Hauntfreaks, etc. I hope no one is offended and I do not forget anyone, but I use many resources of all of them, I also enjoy the great tables they make, this is just my humble contribution I hope you enjoy it.

    Press F6 for this options:
    Maximum credits= 5 - 40
    High game to date award= 1 - 3 credits
    Special award= Extra ball or credit
    Balls per game= 3 - 5
    Free play feature
    Play tunes
    Match feature



  11. Striker (Gottlieb 1982)

    I want to thank, first of all, 32assassin, who very kindly helped me to recreate this table (like so many other times) saying thank you is little.
    This table interested me to be sports, a topic that I like very much, recreate the playfield extracting the images of the table of DBoyrecord, thanks to him also for having found that image.
    Also thanks to TAB who was the pioneer of this table.
    The recreation was from scratch, starting from the blank table, I found several problems that I could solve, except the launch of the ball, which is done through a light (L12), that problem was solved by 32assassin who also added me Led marker lights and I clean the code.
    Try to make it as close to the original table, unfortunately there are not many photos and I only found a very poor quality video of tnt, I hope you enjoy it and if you find any error or something that seems wrong notify me.
    Thanks also to Thalamus for always being willing to help, I embrace the distance friend!
    PS: press F6 to get extras like credits balls and other configurations, thanks to Inkochnito



  12. Hoops (Gottlieb 1991)

    First of all Thank all those who once participated in the recreation of this table, Destruk and Tab (and many others), are the ones that have data that have worked, without them I would not have achieved anything, the image of the playfield is not of great quality, but this table I liked a lot for the thematic of street basketball, and also because it has no ramps, which is something that still not recreated, more than anything the reason for doing it is to continue learning and to give back a little of everything they gave me, I hope you enjoy it and if you find mistakes or something that looks bad (sure both will be) I would like very much to be indicated because it helps me to continue learning.
    PD: use VPX 10.5 beta rev.3490



  13. Hoops (Gottlieb 1991) Media Pack

    Media pack for Hoops (Gottlieb 1991)



  14. Algar (Williams 1980)

    I used a new image, and tried to be as faithful as possible with the real backglas, I saw many videos and photos to find the location and format of the text, I hope you enjoy it!


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  15. Star Wars (Sonic 1987)

    Backglass for sonic star wars.
    It is fantasy, I did not find many videos to see the operation, only two and very poor quality.


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  16. Super Straight (Sonic 1977)

    hi res  whel for Super Straight (Sonic 1977)



  17. Road Runner (Atari 1979)

    1280 X 1024 Image, fantasy animation lights, enjoy!!


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  18. Champion Pub (Bally 1998)

    Backglass for this great table.


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  19. Goldorak

    My first backglass for a great table 
    thx Javier for a great job!!


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  20. Goldorak

    Simple backglass for a great table
    Thx Javier



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