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  1. Thanks so much for the update.
  2. Thanks again for letting me be part of the process @NetzZWerg
  3. That's correct, VNI files broken in 1.7.2, patched in github for the next future release, for now just use the DLL from 1.7.1, you can run the newer dmdext exe if need be for FX3 or other.
  4. I assume you mean attract mode as there is not much before a ball plunge, left it in attract for ages so it should all be there, it does also have the animation before you plunge in the middle somewhere. hook_500_attract.zip in the folder I linked previously. Did a test on your attract stuff and it is looking good.
  5. Just gave this a test, looks great, I did notice that when you get a high score you can't see what you are entering, it just has all black where the selections are, they do show when you select.
  6. Really struggling to work out what to do in this table, couldn't find a rule set. Anyway I got all the right hole animations up to Bangarang, also Ramps, Home Run, Eggs, Danger, Tilt (did that one on purpose), clock thing and a few others. If you know of something missing, just let me know what needs to be done to trigger. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1FQVdUw9wuchRX4e_RyeH54QyL98_2IsO?usp=sharing If you need any testing on a vpin let me know Wob Off topic, but any chance of revisiting the couple of missing scenes in AFM (I put a video on the other thread to show them)
  7. I'll read up on the table rules and have a go tonight. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  8. Looks nice, I can try for a dump, which version of the rom are you wanting? Any tips on gameplay that causes animations? I'm not familiar with this game. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  9. I finally remember to get back to testing this, you mentioned them in your release post "Few scenes in total annihilation is not finished, but other scenes is ok" The ones I noticed are the left orbit and the left ramp, they are mirrored versions of the right orbit and ramp animations, right is coloured, left is not. I'll post a video when youtube finish processing my edits. Only minor issue, but they do stand out next to all your other beautiful work on this one. Thanks again, Wob Edit: Here is the video, skip to 9:40 for first Total Annihilation, it shows both missing animations. I didn't notice any others. I left the full length game for others to see how good this version is, if they don't already have it.
  10. Wob

    SAMBuild3.2 beta thread

    Check your parent ROMs, I had an issue with FG at one point, it was using a rim out of the parent. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  11. Looking awesome, you really are a machine at these, so fast. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  12. Updated Video, This is the latest beta so a few extra scenes have been added and a few fixes done. Some scenes have introduced bugs that @NetzZWerg is trying to wrestle with. This video also includes a win against the Genie, dump has been supplied to @NetzZWerg so he can look to colourise that.
  13. Hi All, I have the pleasure of beta testing this for NetzZWerg, here is a video demoing the colourisation next to the original DMD as well as the table showing game play. I am still learning the table so hopefully a video with a defeat of the genie will come at some point. Still some work to be done but I think you will all agree it looks great so far.
  14. I did a demo recording to show off this colourisation, the video includes both the std and colourised DMD as well as the table so you can see what triggers events. It wasn't my cleanest game (I seem to get some stutter when recording for some reason), I bricked BOTK , so no KOTR, but it does the job for a dmd demo. https://youtu.be/PN0Ve6iUDCE Thanks again @NetzZWerg for the awesome work. Wob