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  1. Another awesome contribution slippifishi, it's a pleasure to be a part of it. Wob
  2. No drama, hope you find the energy to return to it, they are hard work for sure.
  3. Haha, that's the secret/sneak ball lock, when a soft shot drops in behind the trunk before lock is lit. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  4. Looking good, I've only played this table a couple of times, NBA doesn't interest me much, so I never really worked the table out enough to really enjoy it, but might revisit if it gets some colour love.
  5. Hi, I have uploaded 3 x DMD Dumps from Champion Pub if anyone is interested in tackling it for colourisation, Includes a successful Pub Champ. I am sure more dumps will be needed as their are 10 fighters but only up to 5 per game, but it will be a good starting point for anyone interested in the title. @lucky1 I currently only keep\store the .txt files generated by vpinmame, can you tell me if there is any advantage to working with the .raw files? http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/5526-champion-pub-midway-1998/
  6. Version 1.6.0


    3 Gameplay Dumps from Champion Pub (Midway 1998) v1.6 (cp_16) Last Dump includes Pub Champ, as well as Status Report and plenty of Attract Mode after the game. This was made as a starting point for colourization, I am sure more dumps would be required for extra fighters, etc, if someone does get to that point then feel free to get in touch.
  7. Not really 😁 I generally just flag the time in the video and leave it to you guys to match that to the dump
  8. I could do that, but it would result in multiple hours long dumps and lots of repetition, it would be nice if you could dedupe scenes somehow. I also think the synchronised videos help during a project, maybe @NetzZWerg and @slippifishi can comment on their side of the process.
  9. I have to agree I find the linked post pretty disrespectful, He even includes a pack with everything, but the layout might be a good start, finding all the colour patches is like a black art. I do hope all the authors do focus on the good users, so many hours go into so many aspects of this hobby, and some are super generous with their time, there are a few bad eggs for sure, but overall it's a great community with some really good people. That could be a bit daunting for some, the process @NetzZWerg and I have come up with, and now used with @slippifishi, is that I do a dump and video with each test, this produces a synced video and dump to make finding issues in the dump easier. End result is a heap of dumps, plenty of repeated scenes and sometimes a whole dump just for a few missing frames. I'll take a look at my back catalogue for size, if anyone is after a particular dump I'll try and produce something if time permits. Wob
  10. Thanks @slippifishi for the praise and for letting me be involved. I rediscovered my love for this table during the process, and I am sure everyone will love the result as it's awesome. I'm @NetzZWerg's worst kept secret 😂
  11. @dpannell2 I think your inbox is full. Just wanted to ask if you ship to Australia and if so cost, I'm interested in one to go in a Indiana Jones (Williams), PM if you prefer. Thanks, Wob
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