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  1. Thank you Thalamus! I will give that a shot tonight. I really appreciate it. Also I learned a long time ago that antivirus programs are not good for emulation and visual pinball so I don't have any installed on my cab. I will double check windows defender though.
  2. When I try to launch CCC, I get the 3 boxes of errors. I assume they are the same but I have never done a stare and compare. I get them before and after I apply the CCC Fix files.
  3. I tried running it as administrator. I am getting the same errors that I posted above when I try to launch the table. After unzipping the ED Hotfix files, and installing the PIP Requests, I can run the Game.pyc file. That seems to work as it loads up and starts playing the intro. Would this indicate that Python and P-ROC are installed correctly? I feel like I am following the install directions to the letter, but I don't know anything about Python.
  4. I think I found the problem. Looks like you have already discussed this issue on page 11. I will give that a shot.
  5. That worked!!! Thanks for fixing that! This is an awesome table! Great work!
  6. I am still getting the python error that I stated above. It is happening when Ball 2 drains, if that helps. I did delete the "config/game_user_data.yaml" file and no change. I tried deleting the entire "evildead" folder and unzip it again. Let me know if you have any ideas. Just so you know I unzipped the "EvilDead_Horsepin2018_PROC.7z" file. Then followed that up with unzipping the "evildead_1.0.9.7z" file. I have CCC working with P-Roc already and seems to be running fine. Everything else with ED works great to the exception of the python error when Ball 2 drains. Thank you!
  7. I am getting the same error that Psmiragla was getting in the pic below. He was advised to do the following which I did as well. I am still getting his error. Any other suggestions? ***Suggested Fix*** Posted Wednesday at 03:19 PM Something I haven't seen yet! Go into that file, procgame\game\game.py. Find the method: get_seconds_from_string replace this line: return sum([a*b for a,b in zip(ftr, map(float,strTime.split(':')))]) or just change int to float