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  1. Is there somewhere to watch the progress? FS is the only VP9/PM5 table I have left, love the game
  2. Anyone else notice chattering flippers on the newest BOP with this release?
  3. Found the source of my stutter - The table overrides the VSync options to off by default. Changed that to -1 so it respects the global settings in VPX and now its a smooth as butter, Edit: I'm talking about MET LE by the way!
  4. Just had a crash to desktop playing fren's Met Pro.... first time ever had it crash in play Shooting a right orbit if that's of any help
  5. Had a few games on this - looks awesome. No crashes, but the ball movement is slightly jerky when rolling down the playfield and I have very high CPU usage in comparison to other tables. 90%+ load on this, and less than 40% on Fren's orginial version Tried the PM DB2S and the Pro to see if that made any difference Looks like there is a ball in a kicker under the apron? (I saw while the flashers were going off on multiball start) Specs: i3 (Sandybridge Gen) 3.1Ghz 8GB RAM GTX 760 2GB SSD running VPX 10.2.1, VPM 2.8 (B02) and B2S 1.6.02
  6. Out of interest how many bugs are we looking at.... I'm sure the foundation will be solid as it's one of yours! I've been meaning to actually have a play with VPX building and thought one of these might be a good starting point to look at? Taking on a full table would be too much, be looking at a semi-working one might be better (Or maybe I'm wrong?)
  7. I've checked I'm on the latest (Dec) VPinMame, which I wasn't but am now - but that's not made any difference. The top post behaves exactly the same in the VPX release, so that's 100% a ROM based issue (or 'feature') as you said For the testing of the ROM emulation speed I was going to try a few older ROMs, but I can't find any of the earlier ROMS? MET_164 is on here and on Sternpinball.com, but a search of the downloads here doesn't show anything older? Or I am I being blind?
  8. Cool - makes sense The grave markers are a pain to test - that mode is a bastard to start with the best will in the world! You might be right about the ROM being out of sync actually - I do rememeber thinking the ROM reaction to sparky hits seemed a bit delayed (not the model shaking - just the ROM callout) and I bet the sparky multiball magnet is on for longer than the grave marker one. Would also explain why a really slow orbit shot allows the sparky post work correctly like you say Question is can I do anything about it? I'm using the current ROM from stern's site and re-packed as normal, wonder if its just the new ROM (IIRC the table was built around one of the older ROMs?) Pretty sure I'm on the lastest PinMAME, but I'll double check that. Machine is i3 3.3Ghz/8GB/660, so I would suspect an emulation issue rather than a lack of raw grunt Anyone else noticing this?
  9. Hey Vette Awesome table, I've put in a load of games over the last week. Few issues I've noticed (and some of them could be as designed!) A shot to the captive balls seems to 9/10 bounce into the snake (after hitting the balls) Quite often a direct shot into the snake bounces out - like there is a post in its mouth (is there?) Orbit shots appear to be blocked by the post behind sparky (unless the shot is really slow up the left orbit - then it seems to drop) so all the left orbits bounce back and all the right orbits end up in the pops. It does drop OK if you go for the super skill shot though. (Is this by design now? - maybe they've changed the code - never played 161 on a real machine) This also happens on the VPX table by Fren, so it looks ROM based? After completeing the grave markers the magnet doesn't seem to energize and start the mode? (All graves down and hit the cross a couple of times, arrow flashing but it doesn't seem to register the hit) However, I have slightly altered the Y scale of the table as I have a 16:10 screen - am I likely to have screwed some of this up by making that change? Great table though ​
  10. Wish you'd asked yesterday! - I had my head inside a Spiderman for the better part of 2 hours yesterday afternoon...... But I'm not with the machine any longer - its back on site.​
  11. Me too - dealing with ramps, and how the script/rom calls are linked would be my next questions
  12. Thanks AL - I'll give that a try Also - I've followed 85Vetts instructions and managed to get my first light lined up - I now have a totally unjustified sense of pride! Thank you for writing such clear instructions
  13. DJRobX explained the ROM was firing the post up and down at the same time and suggested using a 'latch' He posted a code extract in the other thread, but I'm not quite sure what do with it! Also I'm pretty sure Groni posted this one with permission to mod, so if there is one with working mini-playfield lights I'd love a copy, and I think it would be OK to upload here?
  14. @KoolyWiz I have, but I'm not in front of it right now. I just upped the Y scaling slightly though, plays fine.
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