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  1. I knew I'd had this issue before and then fixed it, and I remember doing this a few years ago pretty sure you linked your VPF post on a thread on MB Mystery solved. Thanks!!
  2. To be clear from my testing I see the following: Table + Script - Latest from VPU (2.0) PROC+Assets from 01/2018 Result: 3 balls where there should be(Certainly in Gold Mine MB + Last Call) Running the script to download the latest assets on another PC then copying and dropping those in place of \CactusCanyon in the gamecode folder, results in 2 balls in GoldMine and 1 ball in last call. Perhaps I need to update Python itself? (When I was taking about PROC previously I meant Python)
  3. The only thing I've not investigated is the version of PROC The one I'm running will be a similar era to my working game code, does that need updating along with the newer assets? How do you check the PROC version? If I can help test anything when real-life allows the time just shoot me a message
  4. Ok, I've done a little testing. Tried @luvthatapex's table with the same result, so it's not the table. I then reverted my gamecode to what I had before (dated 01/2018) and I now have 3 ball multiballs, but I guess with older assets
  5. @luvthatapex I've tried that script on the table/proc setup I've got and I have and don't see the same result. I'm 97% I had this working at some point, I'd be interested to try the actual table you have rather than just the script It was a few years back, so my memory is pretty hazy, but I'm sure this was an issue and then it got solved.... I did update my tables to the ones here from what I had, and the file sizes were slightly different as I recall, I assumed I was going from the one I had to the latest but it may be I went backwards..... Edit: nope - I restored my previous one from backup and same behaviour, I'll try reverting my proc gamecode tomorrow....
  6. Definitely seeing this behaviour GMM - 2 ball, it seems to know that - it ejects two balls, but if you loose one you then get the restart prompt, so it is aware there are two and not assuming there are three Not sure if this is normal but when trying to light the locks the goldmine moves back down again after a period of time where as in normal CC I'm pretty sure it stays up after the first hit (but this could be a feature in CCC) Last Call - just one ball ejected.
  7. Pretty sure I'm seeing this too and I've been down a similar path - I'm 90% sure last call was a two ball before I updated the code a few weeks back and I'm pretty sure it's one ball after dropping the new assets in. I do have my original install (the whole P-ROC structure) saved as was though, so I can certainly check what I had when it was working and what I've got now in terms of timestamps. I'll check it out later and get back to you.....
  8. No problems as far as I know, no errors on startup - pretty sure its Python 2.7, so maybe I did this later than I thought, 2018 seems like a long time ago now! As my cab isn't connected to any network, and was feeling lazy about digging out a long enough cable and getting at the NIC I had a read through the batch file and I can see what it does, so I thought I'd see if I could get the assets on one machine and then shunt them over to the cab on a flashdrive What I actually did in the end was run the install CCC batch on my workstation let it grab the assets and then moved that folder over to my cab, backed up the user-settings yaml, renamed the existing game directory, dropped in the new one downloaded and dropped my settings file back over the top. And yep I noticed the new script in your description, so I replaced the current scripts on both tables with that (setting the PROC flag obviously on CCC) All seems to be working fine One further question, is there any way to get 100% coverage of the DMD monitor - I've got it positioned on the DMD monitor (3 screen cab) and the x/y set so its in the middle with a pixel size of 9, which is as good as I could ever get, but the result is it pretty much fills the x axis, but there is a gap above and below it If I increase the pixel size it over hangs in the x axis. I've seen people where they do seem to have the DMD fully used, but they may be using Pin2DMD and a real DMD of course.
  9. Yeah would have been the first one Ninuzzu released way back when, I've updated the table since, but not the code. I'll grab 3.4 and run the batch Thanks
  10. I've had CCC working happily for a few years now and it works great, what do I need to do to just update the assets/code (I'm assuming i don't need to upgrade the PROC instance?) Just grab the 3.4 package re-run the Install CCC batch file?
  11. Is there somewhere to watch the progress? FS is the only VP9/PM5 table I have left, love the game
  12. Anyone else notice chattering flippers on the newest BOP with this release?
  13. Found the source of my stutter - The table overrides the VSync options to off by default. Changed that to -1 so it respects the global settings in VPX and now its a smooth as butter, Edit: I'm talking about MET LE by the way!
  14. Just had a crash to desktop playing fren's Met Pro.... first time ever had it crash in play Shooting a right orbit if that's of any help
  15. Had a few games on this - looks awesome. No crashes, but the ball movement is slightly jerky when rolling down the playfield and I have very high CPU usage in comparison to other tables. 90%+ load on this, and less than 40% on Fren's orginial version Tried the PM DB2S and the Pro to see if that made any difference Looks like there is a ball in a kicker under the apron? (I saw while the flashers were going off on multiball start) Specs: i3 (Sandybridge Gen) 3.1Ghz 8GB RAM GTX 760 2GB SSD running VPX 10.2.1, VPM 2.8 (B02) and B2S 1.6.02
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