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  1. any update on this? I would like to try DOF feedback for Pro Pinball Timeshock...
  2. no problem, here is my now working cabinet file cabinet.xml
  3. Hello karlson18, thanks for your help. I finally got it working. The problem wasn't the hardware, but the cabinet.xml I hadn't separated the entry for the saintsmart ledwizequiv and the ledwizequiv for the led strip so I inserted an additional line <LedWizEquivalent> and </LedWizEquivalent> and everything worked
  4. Hello karlson18 as I have written I have reconnected everything to rule out a faulty connection. That lead to Teensy being now on COM9. My ethernet cable has the orange/white cable on the left side of the photo. Isn't this the correct default ground pin/2nd from left being data pin? I will try a diffent color/data wire...
  5. Hello, I have reset my cabinet.xml as below and have rewired the teensy/optoboard connections to the led strip to rule out a faulty connection please find attached my directoutput.log I have checked the connection from the optoboard to the led strip. it is ok. when looking on the teensy/optoboard from above and the micro usb connector is facing toward you: the leftmost pin from the left ethernet port on the optoboard is a ground connection, the 2nd from the left is the orange data wire connected to the led strip data, the 3rd pin is connected to the blue/white ground the 4th pin from the left is blue data wire, 5th pin from left is green/white ground, 6th pin from left is green data wire...(only white and orange are connected to the ground and data ports of the LED strip) cabinet.xml DirectOutput.log
  6. Thank you for your input, however this configuration does not work either. No LED effects at all. Furthermore my Saintsmart toys now do not function any more.
  7. Hello there, first I'd like to thank you for the great ideas and community here and at vpforums. This was the reason I am now building my own VPin. I like to add addressable LEDs to my cabinet project. However I have a problem with the above used Teensy/Optoboard solution. I cannot get any effects from the LEDs at all. I am using Win 10 x64 pro with 16 GB Ram and using latest VP10.2 I have a working DOF config with the latest DOF r3 from http://www.mjrnet.org/pinscape/downloads/DirectOutput-mjr-20161019.zip. Several effects are working within VP (Solenoids, Shaker, RGB undercab, Gear motor, beacon, strobes) I have flashed the latest beta firmware (dd. 2.1.2016 from https://github.com/DirectOutput/TeensyStripController/releases) on the Teensy using Teensy loader software. The teensy is on COM7. I have connected 1 continuous LED strip with 388 LEDs (5 V) (2x 101 LEDs for left/right side, 62x3 LEDs for back) When I check connections with my multimeter I get a connection on the strip both for ground and +5v all the way from beginning to end of LED strip. The only thing that has no connection from beginning to end is the data wire. Is this normal? When I use the automatically generated directoutputconfig30.ini from DOF config, my DOF log shows an error: "failed: AH100" with several following errors "can't parse ..." When I use Terry Reds directoutputconfig30.ini from last page I get an error "rom mtl already...". Once I delete the line "mtl,0,0,0,0,..." I get no more errors in the log. However still no effects. Any tips? Furthermore isn't it possible to use an "out-of-the-box"-solution like https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00LN3X9BU/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 or https://www.amazon.de/LED-PLAYER-Multitalent-WS2812-LED-Stripes-Panels/dp/B011O9AQHC/ref=pd_sim_107_6?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=MQTNVETS8JF1V1XESSAD this is a LED player/controller configurable by USB connection ("S" for up to 256 LEDs, "M" for up to 2048 LEDs) using TPM2 protocol for LED control. Is it possible to configure DOF for TPM2 protocol output? GlobalConfig_b2SServer.xml GlobalConfig_PinballX.xml tablemappings.xml cabinet.xml directoutputconfig30.ini
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