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  1. When first looking into PIN2DMD I was frustrated by the difficulties/cost of getting other peoples breakout boards / complete packages.. So I thought stuff it, I own a soldering iron, I'll wire up my own. Then I was very frustrated by the lack of information on required hardware connections to get PIN2DMD up and running. Especially as I had a unused STM32F4 board unused from an unrelated project and could borrow some RGB displays.. The information that was lacking was a quick and easy schematic to allow a quick prototype / point to point solution to be made. Yes there is a text file on the PIN2DMD github page, but that requires me to research pin labels to text and seems to be making it all needlessly hard for people who just want to get up and running with minimal resources. (Having never looked at an STMf407 whatever chip before). And what is there has added noise around extra features like Wifi modules etc so I have to wade through that as well. I didn't know what optionals were needed and which wasn't.. It actually began to feel like it was deliberately obsufated. So them I stumbled across the schematics posted in December by Mr UncleSash (Thank you so very much!), So that got me underway. So instead of presenting a problem, here's a solution. A start on the sort of information I was originally looking for. So if you can get hold of the requisite RGB displays, and an STM32F4 Discovery board here's the bare minimum 'breakout' required to make use of them with PIN2DMD (to my knowledge). Of course you've still gotta install the PIN2DMD firmware (V1.xx or V2.xx) on the STM32F4 Discovery but then you should be up and running. I have deliberately shown every trace on this diagram to facilitate anyone manually wiring as that's the intent.. Any errors spotted please tell me I'd appreciate it. Finally I used KiCAD which was a new tool to me, Attached is the files from that using its inbuilt 'archive tool.. I also used KiPart to make the sch parts which was very useful. Later. Pin2DMD Minimum.zip PIN2DMD Minimal V20170111.pdf
  2. @jukedock. Thanks Tool, for jumping in with constructive contribution. I see you're drinking again. @lucky1, no worries, and I didn't PM you at the start because I felt it was perfectly reasonable on my part to expect Paypal to have taken care of notifiying whomever was at the other end of the payment. And I didn't want to harass anyone over the holiday break. Hence my perfectly reasonable & innocuous query.initial request. No need for you to respond any further think on this topic.
  3. I made a Williams WPC frame for 3d printing. Measurements from Jedge Dredd. Prints fine in ABS on my Replicator 2 clone. Requires 200mm x 140mm bed. This is my first 3d design so I expect will refine it over time as I learn. Any changes I will post here. I will next revision probably also make it into 3 shorter pieces to print with 150mm x 150mm for smaller printers. I used Designspark mechanical for this hence the attached .rsdoc file. However as I discovered yesterday it has no mirror tool so I will now look for an alternative. PIN2DMD Judge Dredd 20170102 0946 bridge.rsdoc PIN2DMD Judge Dredd 20170102 1211 Left only.stl PIN2DMD Judge Dredd 20170102 1211 Right only.stl PIN2DMD Judge Dredd 20170102 1211 Bridge only.stl
  4. Thank you I have received an email. Re your statement about PM I disagree. It was relevant to this discussion as the previous question of how long to receive the key was never answered and I very much was looking for that specific information. Also, as the key is unique to my STM32F4 why do you send them via private drop box? By asking for my vpuniverse handle on the paypal payment page you have already implicitly required me to join this forum but why force me to join the dropbox service as well? I resent. this very much. So, for the benefit of other newcomers let's summarise the requirements (other than requisite hardware) for obtaining a license for the PIN2DMD product. 1. VPUniverse member 2. EU$10.00 3. Drop box member (and not just any member, must be specifically for the email address the key notification is sent to as a result of 2 above) These statements also are relevant to the thread as I looked and could not find specific information on the method of where & how the key would be delivered. ---- On a more positive note I do appreciate you fulfilling the the key at this time of year and I anticipate that over the next month or so I will become very much appreciative of the work and effort that has gone into the PIN2DMD firmware & application.. I am very interested to see how easy or not it is to custom colour a table as I have a few '90's physical machines I am potentially interested in converting to use the PIN2DMD product. Thanks
  5. I paid through Paypal 26/12/2016 PST to the address in your paypal button per above and am waiting for my activation. No reply yet that I've seen, hence my asking.
  6. Hi, I understand it is the holidays in some countries. When will you guys be back online to fulfil keys?
  7. Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but where are the eagle files mentioned above? (I'd be happy with a PDF of the schematic). I'd like to try a few more optional parts on my initial build to see whats beneficial. For the optional parts that I see on the latest reference board I have electrically compatible (or similar enough that I can adapt) versions of most but just different footprints (like the sdcard socket amongst the rats nest below) Thank you
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