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  1. directb2s..netframework error

    Your b2s Server is not up to date. The newest Version is Either you use the all in one installer or the minimal
  2. My Project VPin

    The journey to the ultimate VPin continues here https://youtu.be/qPdU7YHf3Rw
  3. if you used the all in one installer then you need to update the vpinmame dll to the "real" sambuild from VPU here. cause the official vpinmame doesnt work with colored roms. Install like mentioned here https://goo.gl/BTzQjV
  4. directb2s..netframework error

    Seems like your B2s Server ot microsoft net framework isnt up to date
  5. My Project VPin

    Project 2.0 has started! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrc8WJBNs-JOKcs8LKdmKWucLMtImb6qk
  6. Minimum buttons required

    You will need at least minimum: 1 Launch Ball Button 1 Coin in Button 1 Start Button 1 Exit Button 2 Flipper Buttons Other buttons to consider: 2 MagnaSave Buttons for games with MagnaSave or other game options 1 Extra Ball Button But you can add more. It ́s a personal preference if you want to install more
  7. AC/DC Tribute Table

    This should help you https://goo.gl/BTzQjV
  8. DMD Preview Video

    Version 1.0.5


    DMD Videos for Frontends Can be used on any System! Either Monitor, real DMD or Pin2DMD Setup! Added in 1.0.0 - AC/DC - Metallica - Star Trek Stern - Indiana Jones Williams
  9. Terminator 2

    Thank you very much! Works flawless on a real pin2dmd. But as i tested it with freezys dll vpx crashes. Have to do some researches again
  10. ROM audio doubling up

    When i look at this Vpinmame Pic i can see that you are using an outdatet Version of VPX and Pinmame! Update it please also. And also have a look at the very nice virtual DMD (freezys one) or if you have a real DMD use this. If you want more details message me and i´ll help you or watch my Video how i did that
  11. ROM audio doubling up

    Glad i could help you
  12. ROM audio doubling up

    Try this: Right click on the backglas Set Grill to whatever you prefer DMD Visible B2sDMD hidden I did that so by many whom i helped and i got rid of that issue with this method
  13. My Project VPin

    Hey Guys, i totally forgot to introduce myself. So i do it now. Some of you already know me because of my Topper Videos i made (find them here: http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/4749-topper-videos/) I build a virtual Pinball Cabinet this year and how i did that you can watch it in my YouTube Videos if you want (english subtitles available) Also i explain the software in it Time to introduce my build: i used an old slaughtered Swords of Fury Cabinet which i converted to my vpin. VPin PC specs: Amd FX 4300 Xilence M403 Tower Kühler 16 GB Corsair Vengeance Ram Asus GeForce GTX 970 DirectCU Mini WD 240 GB SSD Festplatte 500w Corsair CX Netzteil Windows 7 Pro including: Pincontrol1 Analog Nudging Analog Plunger 7 Siemens Solenoids (siemens 3rt1015-1bb41) Undercab RGB Stripes Lightning Replay Knocker Wavemaster Moody Audiosystem also some illuminated Buttons like Launch Ball etc Monitors: changhong led40d2200st2 BenQ GC2870H 71,1cm (28") LED Monitor Acer P195HQ i installed the monitors with wall assemblys you can see it in my Videos I think thats all if you have questions just ask.
  14. The Simpsons pinball party

    Downloaded the file. Now at start the game crashes for me. I use a LCD Monitor for Pin2dmd. All files are up to date. Dmd device is DMD Ext 1.5.2 Vpinmame Sam Build rev_4277 Sam Build Beta Every other Table works absolutely fine. Is it possible that this pallete is only usable with a real pin2dmd?
  15. Topper Videos

    Version 1.5.6


    All Topper Videos have Resolution 1920*822