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  1. Version 1.0.0


    This is the color Palette we used when testing this game ^^ and will be used when Puppack is released. Thanks to Martin for helping with that^^
  2. For all the German speaking out there, here is my video on how to install pinup System in German. For all the english speaking out there, Watch Terrys Videos i wont do english ones Ihr habt sehr oft danach gefragt und hier ist es nun. Ein Video wie man das Pinup System installiert. https://youtu.be/LaHEcbbmY2g Dies ist nur eine kleine Exkursion und zeigt nicht alle Features, sondern lediglich ein kleinen Ausschnitt, so das Player und Popper laufen sollten!
  3. Thank you! Yes it is my dream machine!
  4. Now Click your heels for a Happy new Year https://youtu.be/3UrhFKE0vaY
  5. Our Local newspaper was at my Home and Interviews me about my vpin and my Hobby. You could read the article with google translation if you want In the article series is written about "unusual" hobbies and since in germany pinball is not that popular it is called unusual here https://bit.ly/2wyY2Nd
  6. Either you use the Special coin door Board or you wire the coin door Buttons etc. Directly to the pincontrol2. Best Solution is to write VPin Shop either a Email or in Facebook and he will answer that more precisely than almost everybody Else
  7. This is for now my last video of my project VPin 2.0 This is the FAQ of my 2nd series where i try to answer almost all of the questions i got so far! See the video here: https://youtu.be/janmseBUGzw If you have any more questions feel free to ask me!
  8. I have the Color rom Working here. So it must be available. Cant remember where i got it from
  9. Be sure if you want to use those new Tables that you use the latest 10.5 vpx Beta, the latest Script Files and the latest 3.1 sambuild vpinmame beta
  10. Be sure you have Everything installed correct, use the correct dmddevice.dll (with lucky1 DLL you dont need dmddevice.ini if you use pin2dmd) Then be sure you unchecked in vpinmame show dmd and Check use external. Then it should be Working I recommend to Read and install Everything like mentioned in the FAQ of the Visual pinball Junkies group on Facebook
  11. Is this Project abandoned? Cause we didnt hear something in a long Time Now
  12. i would never use those arcade Buttons cause all Arcade Buttons i used had input Lag and i tested many many of them If you can always go for real Pinball Buttons with leaf switches behind, if you can´t or don´t want use Arcade Buttons with integratd Leafe Switches. Also wiring a solenoid or a contactor to the flipper buttons directly is not that hard, and with help of wiring shemes it is all possible to do or you grab a friend who is electrician and he wires it for you and you pay him a drink Also when it comes to DOF i would always go with the real DOF and not the poor man´s Dof or as it is now called SSF.
  13. now it only needs to be done withh the table which iss in development. That would be the perfect match
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