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  1. Still working, but very slowly, dont have real machine for making dumps of requiring scenes.
  2. I am cleaned my messages, now you can contact me @pudd1nG
  3. Real pinball version by request thru personal messages
  4. I will fix this scenes and make update soon. Check sopranos topic for updates
  5. Found few things. Probably you wanna fix it. When you have multiplier it will be coler to colorize 10X 8X and other with move volume and proboably other colors: green blue or any other. 10X looks so flat. when you collect crystal, it have background. Not sure that it should have background. on last picture it has 3 balls on original dmd output and didnt have it after colorization.
  6. I wanna say thank you for amazing job. I just got sttng. And I am really happy, because I don’t need colorize this game where is donation link? I wanna support you guys!
  7. updated link for vpin https://cloud.mail.ru/public/s4hg/8bLxhfyFc
  8. Hi! Scene with initials was fixed. Here is updated version. https://cloud.mail.ru/public/4J3M/4DBpcxhH7
  9. Still working on colorization when i have time. Hope it will be ready soon! Beers are welcome
  10. Can be a tester on real pinball machine
  11. This Sunday in 11:00am GMT-5 will be playing in Colorized Hook pinball  Watch us on Twitch Will be glad if you guys will be with us.
  12. This Sunday in 11:00am GMT-5 will be playing in WPT. Will be glad if you guys will be with us.
  13. In 10 minutes will be playing and streaming in Sopranos pinball https://www.twitch.tv/pinballrussia Will be glad if you guys will be with us.
  14. I think is awesome thing! But how I can do dumps via your solution like I do via my pin2dmd? Because your dump is different from than dumps which pin2dmd make. And I can’t use it in game colorization
  15. i am so excited to be first on planet with colorized hook
  16. New updated for vpin is available https://cloud.mail.ru/public/NKMS/GiFGZ9e1F
  17. here is video of colorization. Need fix few things but works fine. Follow our YouTube Chanel, we stream every Sunday from real pinballs in our collection
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