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  1. Finally! I am finished another game - WPT. Here is fully colorized game without firmware modifications. Works on pin2dmd v 4.05 or later. Here is preview of colorized game. Who interested in files for real pinball let me know. Vpin version is free - you can download here https://cloud.mail.ru/public/QHHv%2FCowrpUwJ5 Donations welcome https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/vbobrusev
  2. Yes if you can send me dumps i can fix issies. because on mine machine i didnt saw this issues.
  3. Pirates of the Caribbean is finished for pin2dmd. This is not a rom patching colorization - this is fully colorized game via pin2dmd editor. Who need files for real pinball - send me messages. Working on v4.02 or later. Final preview with fixed and added scenes. Version for vpin is also updated in link in first message.
  4. Hi! It's me again. Almost finished first full colorization for Stern S.A.M system game ( but not sure, maybe somebody made it, but i didnt know about it ). So almost all scenes is colorized. Here is version for vPin - https://cloud.mail.ru/public/dWyc/FFjBe8U4n (actual updates and last version for vPin users will be available by this link). Not work propertly at this moment bonus multipliers and light timed lock. All other scenes should work fine. All current bugs will fixed ASAP. I will be glad if you left feedback how it works on virtual pinballs. Version for real pinball will be avaliable when all bugs will be fixed. Who want get colorization when it will be ready for real pin, can send me messages via personal messages. PS: Donations welcome https://www.paypal.me/vbobrusev Here is preview: Enjoy!
  5. This animation can stops in that moment when ball on real pinball stops closing switches. and it continues from that point where you stops previously. Ball must be gray and wall must be brown i can't combine this colors in one pallete.
  6. Yes but wall destroyed depends how many times you hit the switch and animation will start from that place where you finished previously.
  7. Hi! Working on POTC colorization and have situation which i never colorized before. So, in pinball machine have 4 different switches. When ball close one of four switches, it start show animation when next ball come to destroy the wall, doesn't make since if previous animation with previous ball finished or not. I don't know how to colorize it as well, because all frames is unique and not usual. If ball stops hitting switches pinball remember how many balls smashed this wall. If you continue hitting this switches balls continue destroying wall from previous stops and animation with balls same. if switch closed - next ball in animation going, no matter if previous animation is finisned or not. Any ideas how to colorize it?
  8. I need somebody who can make dumps from real pinballs, for check whats wrong with colorization. It can be based on firmware version or any other things.
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