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  1. It works now with the New download Revision you posted on here,Thanks very Much DJRobX
  2. This works great thanks on VP10 but when I use this DLL my VP Physmod 5 of ACDC won`t load? Is it because this is the 64bit DLL & I need the 32Bit DLL? Regards Steve
  3. Wow :-D, thanks very much for this great table, looking forward to trying it out later & thanks to all involved in this table.
  4. Many thanks for the links for the modified Roms :-D
  5. Many thanks but can`t get the Rom to work, Its asking for MTL163 rom, tried renaming the it mtl_164 after zipping it. All of my other Stern tables are working fine??
  6. Thanks very much for the video
  7. Thanks Dozer ,great table ,really showing off what VP10 can do. Has anyone created a video with audio playfield flv preview of this by any chance?
  8. Many Thanks for the FS table patch & fixes
  9. Thanks for the quick reply, yes I`m using directb2s , I`m sure I set it up to use 3=B2S server as the backglass does appear I just don`t get the animation on the spider? I will change the default on my ccontroller.txt to 3 though thanks.
  10. Many thanks for The Avengers & Twilight Zone night mods. Scared Stiff looks great but for some reason when I`ve patched it to Full Screen when I get the spin the spider mode it doesn`t spin & when I press a flipper it just gives you something random??!!
  11. Many thanks stefanaustria for the very helpful detailed info on setting up the rom fo this great table,
  12. Thanks very much for this Groni , could someone post a Newbie guide to get this working for me? as Im having trouble renaming the rom & unzipping & then zipping it again & do I have to change the rom in the script to shr_141? Thanks in advance
  13. many thanks Fren for this excellent table, the Ark multiball is awesome & I love the quotes & dmd animations from the movies
  14. Many thanks for all your hard work on these excellent backglasses
  15. I know Slam has done a Future Pinball table of this & has hinted that he may release it soon.