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  1. paulstevens

    PBX Media File Naming

    So given PinballX searches for associated media using the <description> fields (not the table name), all the media files have to match what is in the <description> field. Is there a script that will allow somewhat intelligent search and renaming options, using what is inthe <description> field of the xml database, search the various media folders for names that are close, and prompt for a bulk name change? I've seen online java-scripts that do that for video media / HTPC setups, I wonder if anyone has written something for PBX/HP For now, I'm not yet sure which is easier - adjusting my <description> field to match various media from ftp an other sources, or changing the filenames on my media downloads. Everything never totally matches - there is always renaming to do. Thanks!
  2. Can you set this up in PBX where the MAME games are NOT part of the "All Tables" selection, and that they only show up when chosen as a custom list? Or, is there a way in PBX to have it start up in such a way as to display, say, "VP ONLY" tables? I'll try this out over the weekend when home with my setup, but for now I wanted to ask the question before I forgot it. Thanks!