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  1. blackvulcan3

    World Cup Soccer

    Thanks so much Malenko and Rob. CP is right though, the less vocal majority really appreciate the work you do and the time you give of yourselves to do it. Awesome.
  2. Looks great but does it need VPX version newer than 10.3 3088? It opens, ROM appears to function (numbers on B2S work), just nothing from there. Takes no credits, no lights, just lifeless. Thoughts? EDIT - I found v 1.2 works now, thank you for the table.
  3. This is real nice Xenonph. You know how much I love your work and this is a nice table with your flair stamped all over it. Top notch.
  4. Hey all (especially Thalamus) thanks all for your help and I must admit this had me pulling what little hair I have left out of my head. I found the answer today. I had deleted everything, ROM's nvram, CFG files, it would not enable the plunger which always sat proud. I went to the editor and looked at the plunger, it was set to Enable Mechanical Plunger and unchecked on Auto Plunger. Once I unchecked the mechanical plunger and checked the auto plunger it works as it should. I so love this table so to get it working means I can enjoy one of my all time favourites. Awesome fun.
  5. Thats exactly it Thalamus & I'm like a deer with no eyes....no idea.
  6. Got a little too excited. It worked from editor but once I loaded from PBXrecorder it did it again. I'm hoping that it won't do it from PinballX. EDIT - No it didn't work through PinballX and no longer through editor, even with the nvram deleted.
  7. Thanks jesperpark. I always forget about the nvram. I find most things get solved when I delete the registry rom files but this was quick and painless & more importantly, it worked.
  8. Not sure at all. The nudge is calibrated well and it doesn't affect any other tables like you said.
  9. Agreed. I hadn't even been playing with the script and as I said, no problem in any other table. This is direct from the editor too, not within PinballX. I'm at a loss.
  10. Just a push button Thalamus. I've reset the ROM 3.03, Didnt help. Changed ROM to 4.00. Nothing. I'm about to download it again and see if it was just a glitch. Something isn't right, 105 VPX tables cant be wrong. I downloaded again and nothing. I. Am. Stumped.
  11. Would anyone know why I can't get this plunger to work? My switch is intact and the plunger works on other tables. I've never encountered this problem on any tables so I'm not sure where to start?