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  1. Ok, that must have been my mistake. I don't know what went wrong, but i recreated the ZIP-file and now it works. Thanks again!
  2. Dear CarnyPriest, For some reason the slot for mtl_164hc doesn't seem to work. It says the ROM isn't available, while it actually is present. Thank you very much in advance, Themer
  3. It is exactly that. Right now, I am updating my Visual Pinball environment (after being away for some years) and I try to get it as complete as possible. Since it is first a matter of completing my installation, I don't want to spend time on creating new stuff myself for the moment.
  4. Thanks for your clarifications arngrim and CarnyPriest! I was aware of the 'Ignore ROM CRC errors' setting and have the ones available here up and running. Ps. Is in that case not a placeholder for mtl_164hc missing? That one is available here, but not listed in VPinMame.
  5. I have been updating my list of rom sets and noticed the following things: The rom 'sound-p.bin' for 'leking.zip' is available on this website. It still has to be dumped (empty checksum) in VPinMame though. The checksum for none of the PIN2DMD color SAM roms that are available on this website is correct. Sometimes there is a length mismatch as well. I expect the patch always results in the same output? A lot of PIN2DMD color SAM roms are missing. As far as I can see on the forums, they have never been created. Why do they appear in VPinMame? avs_170hc bdk_294c mtl_164c mtl_180c mtl_180hc smanve_100c st_162c st_162hc twd_156c twd_156hc twd_160c twd_160hc xmn_151c Thanks a lot in advance for your feedback!
  6. Star Trek LE versions being released on the website started from version 1.41. So the earlier versions were never made publicly available for as far as I'm aware.
  7. Earlier version 1.41 of the LE was available at the website. Version 1.42 is already an updated ROMset
  8. Not always, but taking Star Trek for an example, the LE version has a kickback kicker in the left lane which isn't available in the PRO version and thus neither in the PRO ROM. Not that it's of any additional use to us right now, but there are differences Furthermore I wasn't requesting an instant update, but it was already available when you made the last update, so that's why I only wanted to notify you about it Thx for your works
  9. @arngrim: The Star Trek LE rom has been released for some time now on the official website, maybe you can add it
  10. Besides the King Kong ROM-set there also has been added a ROM-set for Apollo 14. Yet I can't find this ROM-set anywhere. A full list of ROM-sets I'm missing since you're updating PinMAME: Apollo14 (game 5.01, display 4.01) ID4: Independence Day (2.01 French) ID4: Independence Day (2.02 French) Monopoly (2.51 Italian display) No Fear: Dangerous Sports (1.1 Export)
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