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  1. [New B2S Alert] The Getaway High Speed 2

    Looks very nice. Just static on my rig tho, is there supposed to be any blinking or light activity? The lights come on and that's it.
  2. Fantastic update on this awesome table. No plunger problems anybody? As downloaded on my rig the plunger image doesn't move with the pull of the mechanical plunger. The image stays visibly all the way "in" and you can't gauge the skill shot. If I push the plunger button then yes, it moves. If I uncheck "auto plunge" then yes the plunger image moves with the pull of the mech plunge YAY but then it doesn't auto-plunge during multiball or other events where you need the table to shoot the ball.
  3. Brilliant! Thanks for the tip. Worked fine.
  4. The eye is awesome! I can't get the entire image to display, eg: the words are cut off the bottom. Exactly like your thumbnail image. izzat just the way it is? If so I'll stop trying to "fix" it.
  5. SAMBuild2.9 beta thread

    Confirming some of the same with TWD those flasher lights just don't work at all with 4277. 4253 is fine. All I do is swap the vpinmame.dll to get the lights to work. This is reproduced with 10.2.1 or 10.3, no different. just dl a brand new ROM from stern and no change. Run the colorized DMD or not, no change. simply swapping out the dll fixes these lights under any of the above variable conditions. rename vpinmame.dll vpinmame29-4277.dll rename vpinmame29-4253.dll vpinmame.dll rename vpinmame.dll vpinmame29-4253.dll rename vpinmame29-4277.dll vpinmame.dll
  6. SAMBuild2.9 beta thread

    I remember seeing something about this being related to the DMD monitor running at a refresh rate that UDMD doesn't like. eg: anything other than 60.Hz
  7. Anybody else or is it just me? The ball bounces on the left flipper as it rolls down the chute. The flippers are very very slow to return to their parked position.
    edit: confirming 1.1 fixed the issue below. It looks great, "but" I wonder if it's just me or if others have this problem as well. The credits number is where the ball in play is supposed to be. So I don't see which ball is in play, I only see the credits in the right side pair of displays. I don't set up for free play, maybe that's a factor?