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  1. ChadH is updating the game code ROM, and Malenko is planning to incorporate his changes into his Pin2Dmd colorization. I can't wait for it all! Chris
  2. Thanks. Don't know why I didn't think of this, was a little frustrated last night. Will attempt this weekend after work.
  3. Was excited to try this, but attempted a firmware update at the same time and somehow killed my display. It booted, showed Firmware 2.55 and then said Update and went blank. I waited a few minutes and rebooted an nothing came up. Put the SD card back into my laptop and it had a file that said update.ok but after reinserting it still didn't work. Thinking I might have used the wrong firmware I tried the V4 version, but nothing. Tried the V3 update again to no avail. Checked power to the boards, all the leds light up on the back, but zilch on the display. Any ideas @lucky1 I've tried it with and without the miniSD card, hit the reset, menu and option buttons, etc.
  4. Awesome! Looking forward to checking it out tonight.
  5. Interesting and I think it looks great already! (see video from virtual below) Did it just use a preloaded palette then? Are you using this in a real machine too? Here are some videos I took. Sometimes my real DMD lags (it did this with the plasma) so I'm going to swap DMD driver cards before I create colorization dumps. The first issue I notice, is that the high scores look like they start with the right palette, but when the motion stops, that palette disappears. I've attached some still images as well as each video features it. There are a few other sections (end of the flipper "fight" instructions, the gun cocking in the middle of the match sequence) where I notice the palettes change as well. I'll work on getting good video as well as Pin2Dmd dumps for troubleshoot. Still a million times better than an orange plasma! Malenko I hope you got my donation.
  6. Thanks! And thanks again! Will be donating when I pick it up in a few hours. Chris
  7. Is this supposed to work in a vpin with Freezy's DLL and no pin2dmd (LCD monitor is the DMD)? Doesn't matter to much as my pin2dmd is finally in the US! Apparently they tried to deliver it today, but I needed to sign and I didn't hear the doorbell. Picking it up tomorrow and will be installing it in a real LW3. Lucky1, what's the turn around time on activation? Is there a good time to reach out to you?
  8. Hi Malenko My right flipper did the same thing, when I bought the machine. I found the short, (coil lugs had been pushed together), but this had fried the transistor on the flipper driver board. Replaced that an all was well. I have spares if you would like one (as they are so cheap it just made sense to order 10). Also I've read the right flipper switch can physically touch the launch coil or mechanism and cause problems too. Awaiting my Pin2DMD from Rappelbox and I'll test it out. Thanks!
  9. I’ve heard that one of the only changes in the new ROM was Multiball to Tri-Ball due to law suits. Hopefully there won’t be much to change. Did you stumble upon a cow graphic in the shooting range section? I read someone thought it was removed, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it in my game with the latest rom. Eagerly looking forward to this!
  10. Ok that makes perfect sense. I plan on getting a pin2DMD with the upcoming group buy, and then I'll experiment with capturing the sequences. I tried playing with the editor once, but I didn't get very far not having a device. It's a project I've been interested in.
  11. Looks great! I have the most recent display rom (2.08 I think) that has the change from Multiball to Tri-ball. How will this work with your colorization?
  12. My bad, will take it offline. Colorization is looking amazing, I will donate once I get some hardware. Thanks!
  13. Hi Dom, Thanks for the quick response, I figured the clock and the dmd would need 2 different firmwares, but I figured I'd ask. I was thinking I could power the DMD with a power supply plugged into the service outlet,which is always on. A few questions Also about powering the DMD, it looks like the one for real pinball has a DC voltage converter. What would I be looking for to power the DMD, 12v? I think I read people using 20v flasher circuits in the SF2 thread on pinside. What are the uses for the Wi-Fi option? Any plans on a bulk us order again? Thanks! Chris
  14. This looks awesome! The DMD on my LW3 is going bad, so I've been trying to decide what to replace it with. Looks like I have my answer! What's the best way to go, order the whole thing from German Gaming Supplies, or order UncleSash's kit and frame and some LED panels from Alibaba? Is there a way to make this function as the GO-DMD clock while the machine is off?
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