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  1. Pin2Dmd Editor

    Is there any problem taking a colmask scene and just making it a replace scene? I see you get a warning. I colored a scene with colmask and now I’m finding that it’s difficult to get proper timing and there is no dynamic content in the scene so I want it to just be a replace scene instead. Is it just as simple as changing it in the drop down menu? Thank you.
  2. Pin2Dmd Editor

    Yeah the scroll bar is the problem. I don’t mean to click on it but sometimes it’s by accident. Like if the mouse is in that area and I scroll the mouse wheel it moves frames.
  3. Pin2Dmd Editor

    It does it without live preview as well. I have attached a video so you can see exactly what the problem is. B42998D1-3C6B-47D1-BF45-27122C66A0AD.MOV
  4. Pin2Dmd Editor

    It is. I’m sure I’m doing it correctly because it works sometimes and I have the scene displaying in my machine now too. Just many times I will click to the next frame then back to the previous frame only to see my work partially gone. I’ve been clicking the pal button under the scenes then saving the project after each frame and that has seemed to help not lose stuff but it still happens sometimes. I can’t be the only one having this problem as it is pretty repeatable. I’ve probably lost half of the time I’ve spent due to this although my repeated saving has helped. Also I think it’s more problematic with live preview turned on.
  5. Pin2Dmd Editor

    Ok I’m having difficulty please help. If I am coloring a colmask scene, sometimes I click to the next frame in the scene and then back to the one I was coloring, and some of my color masking work is gone. Some of it is there, it is not consistent. Is there a button that accepts the color mask changes you make? I’ve tried like 3 times to color this one frame and some stuff remains and other stuff doesn’t.
  6. Pin2Dmd Editor

    Cool. Does it replace the Pin2dmd boot screen? You said you can “key” it, do you mean you can set a keyframe to trigger the animation just the same as any other colorized scene? I will try that.
  7. Pin2dmd.exe keyfile problem

    I tested this latest update. After installing the update on the same hardware, I could not replicate the error at all. After that I also swapped the STM with a different one which has 2.51 installed and I couldn't replicate the error with that either. Seems like there's something to do with specific STM controllers weather this may show up. It would be good if Corvus could test this update too because his problem is worse. Thanks lucky! -Tom
  8. Pin2Dmd Editor

    Is true color recording useable in real pinball files? Should I try to key it on the Pinball and see if it works in a real machine? I’m confused if this is even an option or not.
  9. Pin2Dmd Editor

    Same problem here with the newest version of editor. When you ctrl+click a color you get the error and can’t pick a color.
  10. Pin2dmd.exe keyfile problem

    Installed the update via microsd. Tried to replicate the problem but here is what I noticed: I couldn’t get the display to show incorrect key and say “not activated” with the update but I could get the computer to display the error once in a while. The error didn’t cause any issues though, still opened program and worked. Something new I noticed now that I probably just didn’t notice before: when I have the game on and hooked to the computer, then open pin2dmd.exe program, the display switches palette(to white, blue, maroon). Then if I hit “reset device” in the pin2dmd.exe program, the display resets and has the correct palette(default palette in the pin2dmd.pal file). This is reproducible every time. Picture attached shows the intermittent error message on the computer but it doesn’t appear to cause any problems.
  11. Pin2dmd.exe keyfile problem

    I haven’t had any issues with the “not activated” during normal play, only when I hook up a pc and open pin2dmd.exe tool. I have the one pictured above installed in my medieval madness and I have one in my T2 with malenko files but that one is uncle Sashs 3.0 shield I believe(with the signal enhancer jumper wire added). I also put one in my uncles Metallica which worked fine although I never hooked up a pc while it was in the game. I have a few more that I’ve helped friends build so I will ask them Monday when I see them at Pinball league night. I will try this new firmware today and try to replicate my error. Sounds like yours is a bit more severe. You should probably upload some pics of your setup here.
  12. Pin2dmd.exe keyfile problem

    I will this weekend. Thank you lucky.
  13. Pin2dmd.exe keyfile problem

  14. Pin2dmd.exe keyfile problem

    This is Uncle Sashs V3.4a shield and the stm32f407 discovery board. Firmware 2.51. It doesn’t happen all the time and it also doesn’t always trigger the unit to show the wrong key, sometimes it’s just an error on the computer. Sometimes it works fine.
  15. Pin2Dmd Editor

    Same error with cut scene.