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  1. I figured it out. Tthe XML file contains the full address of that 1 file. just open the xml in text editor and delete the D:\Pin2DMD\T2\ and that fixed it. all good now.
  2. When I download the entire folder(T2) and all of its contents, then I start the editor and load the project, I get the error in the picture. its trying to load the files from the original location(i.e. the location on malenko's computer), not the current location(on my computer). How can I fix this so I can play around with this project? I know I could try to create the same drive and folder structure as the error but I don't easily have D: to put the files on...
  3. dude this is awesome. if you could do a tutorial video you would be my hero(actually maybe you already are). thank you for your contributions!!!
  4. the reason I bring this up is because I emailed the supplier I used for my first set of panels to get some more and he said he only has 1/32 scan being produced now. im sure I will find 1/16. quick search came up with this for 1/32: Its really no big deal just curious. you guys are doing an awesome job with this!
  5. Hey lucky, it seems like its harder and harder to find the 1/16 scan panels and the 1/32 scan are more and more common. I realize the 1/16 are still available but im just curious if you have any plans to support the 1/32 scan panels in the future. thanks for any insight. love this project! -Tom
  6. I am also running windows 10 and I was getting this exact delay behavior on the previous version of the editor(a week ago). Lucky and I couldn't figure it out because he could not replicate the behavior I was getting. Seems like windows 10 is having some weird difference with the editor. Anyway, to sum it up, when I watch the scene in the editor which was recorded from vpinmame I see the delay value constantly changing for each frame. When I cut a scene the delay value is fixed to the delay corresponding to the first frame from the cut scene. For example, if I cut a scene with the first frame having a large delay, the entire cut scene is very very slow.
  7. I am very excited to try this out soon!! Thank you steve for the update!!! -Tom
  8. see my project below please. I cut a scene and the timing is very slow. seems like the scene is taking the timing of the first cut frame rather than dynamic scene timing. maybe I'm missing something... thank you, -Tom tjc02002_MM_sceneslow.ani tjc02002_MM_sceneslow.xml mm_dump1.txt.gz
  9. attached are .stl files. Frame1 is the earlier design. Frame2 is the one in the post directly above this one. I much prefer Frame2. Feel free to ask any questions. -Tom Frame1.stl Frame2.stl
  10. I downloaded the current editor. It seems like the timing of a cut scene ends up being the same value as the first cut frame rather than changing through the scene. Hard to describe but if I cut a scene at a frame that has a long timing, the whole cut scene ends up playing very slow(at least in the editor it does). It uses the same timing for all of the frames, not the original timing which seems dynamic.
  11. please post here any information that you find could be useful to others. I am trying to color my MM real pinball and I am working the editor with a pin2dmd aside my computer as well as a pin2dmd in my MM pinball machine but its not obvious how to get the color mask, pallet switching and animations to work. Im almost there so any advice would be great. I will try to post some too. Here are some things im struggling to understand: 1. When I cut an animation, it seems to change the timing of it. Im not sure how this affects the final animation but I think it screws it up. 2. Rather than cutting any animations, is it just better to cut each frame that you want to color? If so, how many frame sequences and key frames can you have(this would end up in thousands im thinking)? 3. If you mask only a portion of the screen, I know it only takes those areas into account for the checksum but when viewing it, does it only replace those areas as well(leaving the dynamic content alone with the default pallet)? if not then this is only good for pallet switches rather than replacement content... 4. How do you do a color mask? I see what it says on but its hard to figure out. Anyway, good luck and lets get good at this so we can grow the community!!! -Tom
  12. Don't worry about getting all of the data at once. when you start playing around with the scenes on a particular machine, you will see that there are some very common scenes, just start with those. on scenes that are very uncommon, maybe you can just set a pallet switch(very simple but very limiting) rather than coloring the scene. I haven't actually completed a color project but I am working on Medieval Madness. I have started by just having a single color pallet(like an original DMD) and just coloring one scene at a time and trying it out on the pinball machine. I have 2 PIN2DMDs one next to my computer and the other in my MM. I just swap the SD card to test out my progress in the machine but use the one near my computer to actively see how it looks while I program it.
  13. I designed a better frame that uses the led panel plastic frame. I have uploaded both of my frame designs below. Each design is 2 piece but the pieces are exactly the same(just have to 3d print 2 of them. Frame2A is the latest version seen in the pics in black. FrameC is the previous one. I have uploaded the 123D Design files below which is a free program you can download from autodesk. if someone wants .stl files let me know, I can make those if you don't want to. both of these designs have real pinball dmd bolt pattern for use in real pinballs. also I used a small 12v to 5v convertor which can be seen in the picture. I used the pinball 12v signal in my real pinball machines. Frame2A.123dx FrameC.123dx
  14. Awesome. Keep up the good work! Looks like this project is fully functional for sure! I didn't realize TSPP was a 4 shade game. This really gives me hope for lots of great things in 2017!!
  15. Yes sorry about that. I will try to remember when I get home.