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  1. tjc02002

    Nucleo and WinUSB driver not working

    Forget it. The usb cable was bad...
  2. I’ve got one of the v4 pin2dmds all assembled and working in my Metallica Pinball. I can’t seem to connect the Pin2dmd to the computer for communication with Pin2dmd.exe. When I plug the device into the computer I just get a malfunction error and there is no usb driver. I tried the zidag utility but since there’s no device I don’t know what to do. I’ve done all this many times with v3 boards but it seems different with the v4 nucleo. Any help would be appreciated. -Tom
  3. tjc02002

    Terminator 2

    I just updated the Pin2dmd firmware to 2.58 and loaded this latest file to my sd card and it looks great but I have an issue where the device resets at the explosion animation. When you get the skill shot you get an explosion animation and it will consistently reset at that animation.
  4. tjc02002

    PIN2DMD EVO128x32 Controller Board

    I read your whole post this time! I see you got them assembled from pcb way. Did they assemble everything on the big pcb and then you just added the led panels and cables and then connect the power wires? If everything works well, could you possibly set up a duplicate order for other people just to buy direct from them fully assembled?
  5. tjc02002

    Pin2Dmd Editor

    I think your missing the question. If I key an animation with the first frame being 250ms long. The Pin2dmd will be receiving that same frame signal for 250ms but also play the first frame for 250ms. If the device continually Keyes up that animation over and over for the 250ms it receives that signal, it will effectively play that frame for 500ms. In this instance we should always shorten the first frame of any animation to a small time, then it will play the correct amount of time plus only that small amount(not double). This is probably not that noticeable in most situations but it becomes definitely noticeable when the first frame of an animation is over 200ms.
  6. tjc02002

    PIN2DMD EVO128x32 Controller Board

    This is freakin sweet!!! Question, I’ve never soldered surface mount but I’ve seen videos. How would you propose to assemble this? Are there pcb manufacturers that could do the surface mount soldering?
  7. tjc02002

    Pin2Dmd Editor

    I’ve got a question about timing: How often does the Pin2dmd look for a keyframe after one has just been triggered? Here’s the reason I ask: I believe an animation is actually being triggered multiple times due to a rather long keyframe time. For example let’s say the scene timings are: 250, 50, 50, 50. This would be a total animation length of 400 which is triggered on a keyframe that is 250ms long. I believe the problem I am seeing is that the 250ms frame is getting triggered over a few times essentially making that first frame even longer than it already is. Then the rest of the animation is playing too late. So if the Pin2dmd first triggers the animation then waits, let’s say 100ms, and looks again it will still see the same frame and re-trigger the animation, and then do it once again at 200ms but then effectively will play the first frame for 450ms until it allows the second frame to play and then third and so on.
  8. Great job on this Vbob!! If I wanted to try this on a real pin should I use older firmware or can that color patch be applied? Thank you. -Tom
  9. I’d love to try this on a real pin.
  10. Lemme know and I’ll give it a whirl on my real machine.
  11. tjc02002

    Serial cable connection - v3/v4 to stern db9

    Wow. That’s a very interesting idea. I’m pretty comfortable with the editor so I could set this up pretty easily. Plus it would let me fix the 1 or 2 things that I didn’t find in Pinball browser. The rom is custom but is based off 1.7. Just weird that it worked on a previous setup.
  12. tjc02002

    Serial cable connection - v3/v4 to stern db9

    Ok so I’m having an interesting problem. Here is the story: Previously (about a year ago) my uncle had a Metallica pro pinball machine. I had built him a V2 Pin2dmd and we used the TTL RS232 adapter which uses the max232 chip. In that game we had a rom and pal file and it worked well in that game. Fast forward a year and now I get a Metallica Pro machine. So I install my latest build V4(uncle sash shield pcb) Pin2dmd using onboard serial connection. I’ve loaded the same rom and pal file as was loaded on my uncles machine a year ago and something strange is happening. All of the scenes seem to be colored properly. I can even recolor a scene in Pinball browser and load the rom into the machine and it shows up good. Only things not working properly are the single player score screen and the song select radio looking screen. Those screens seem to use whatever palette was loaded rather than loading the proper palette assigned to those screens. It’s weird because it’s like it’s working 90% but just these two things aren’t properly loading the palette. I’m going to dig into the pal file a little more but it’s just weird because these files worked fine on a previous setup. Thanks for any help.
  13. Wow this looks freakin awesome man!! I attempted to work on MM last winter and that game has a lot of transitions. My plan was going to be to key the initial animation as a replacement, then key a color mask at the transition. Problems I was having was that the color mask timing was never lining up in my real pinball machine. I have a real MM and I even have an SD card extension cable hanging out of it to test my work. If you wouldn’t mind I could test your work in my real machine just send me the files. Oh also back when I was working it I was running into a few bugs in the editor but I beleive they were all fixed. If you would like help with this feel free to reach out to me. I was going to resume my project but yours already looks much further than mine! -Tom