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  1. Godzilla

    Wow malenko you are awesome! question: is there any forum that you have discussed what you have learned about using the editor. Like hints and tricks and helpful things to consider which will save time. I'm struggling being confident in using the editor. thanks again for all your effort. -Tom
  2. Metallica Pro

    Can you help me understand B6 and B7? are these on the stm controller connector? what about GND and VCC for the adapter? I can figure out ground obviously but is VCC not required? thank you, -Tom
  3. Files on real pinball

    Is there a version of the metallica rom patch that doesn't require the serial connection to the machine? Back almost a year ago it seems like lucky was saying to set the smartDMD mode to in-frame which is contrary to serial connection. I currently don't have the serial connection in my metallica pinball with pin2dmd and I cant get the pallets to load correctly without serial connection. I would like to temporarily try the older files if they worked without serial connection. Thank you for any help. -Tom
  4. Terminator 2

    I tried 1.35 and 1.36. 1.36 has the score stuck at 0 problem and 1.35 doesn't. I will try 1.35b today. I have a real pinball. Thank you malenko!!
  5. Terminator 2

    I meant to quote this post.
  6. Terminator 2

    This same thing happens in a real pinball machine with 1.36. Try 1.35 or 1.35b. Those work on my real pinball but there are still things that aren't working perfectly.
  7. Terminator 2

    I figured it out. Tthe XML file contains the full address of that 1 file. just open the xml in text editor and delete the D:\Pin2DMD\T2\ and that fixed it. all good now.
  8. Terminator 2

    When I download the entire folder(T2) and all of its contents, then I start the editor and load the project, I get the error in the picture. its trying to load the files from the original location(i.e. the location on malenko's computer), not the current location(on my computer). How can I fix this so I can play around with this project? I know I could try to create the same drive and folder structure as the error but I don't easily have D: to put the files on...
  9. Terminator 2

    dude this is awesome. if you could do a tutorial video you would be my hero(actually maybe you already are). thank you for your contributions!!!
  10. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    the reason I bring this up is because I emailed the supplier I used for my first set of panels to get some more and he said he only has 1/32 scan being produced now. im sure I will find 1/16. quick search came up with this for 1/32: https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/p2-5-smd-indoor-led-module_60467702085.html?spm=a2700.7724838.0.0.e58uWb Its really no big deal just curious. you guys are doing an awesome job with this!
  11. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    Hey lucky, it seems like its harder and harder to find the 1/16 scan panels and the 1/32 scan are more and more common. I realize the 1/16 are still available but im just curious if you have any plans to support the 1/32 scan panels in the future. thanks for any insight. love this project! -Tom
  12. Pin2Dmd Editor

    I am also running windows 10 and I was getting this exact delay behavior on the previous version of the editor(a week ago). Lucky and I couldn't figure it out because he could not replicate the behavior I was getting. Seems like windows 10 is having some weird difference with the editor. Anyway, to sum it up, when I watch the scene in the editor which was recorded from vpinmame I see the delay value constantly changing for each frame. When I cut a scene the delay value is fixed to the delay corresponding to the first frame from the cut scene. For example, if I cut a scene with the first frame having a large delay, the entire cut scene is very very slow.
  13. Pin2Dmd Editor

    I am very excited to try this out soon!! Thank you steve for the update!!! -Tom
  14. Pin2DMD Editor

    see my project below please. I cut a scene and the timing is very slow. seems like the scene is taking the timing of the first cut frame rather than dynamic scene timing. maybe I'm missing something... thank you, -Tom tjc02002_MM_sceneslow.ani tjc02002_MM_sceneslow.xml mm_dump1.txt.gz
  15. Frame For Pin2Dmd

    attached are .stl files. Frame1 is the earlier design. Frame2 is the one in the post directly above this one. I much prefer Frame2. Feel free to ask any questions. -Tom Frame1.stl Frame2.stl