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  1. Any chance to get the Pin2dmd to input alphanumeric or even numeric display information from games like Funhouse or whirlwind or maybe even cyclone where it has 2 numeric and 2 alphanumeric displays on a single display board. Seems fairly simple to interpret the digits and segments and just display the actual scores as well as other colorized display content. It's definitely more involved than the current methods. Thoughts?
  2. Built-in Diagnostics?

    I believe what viper is trying to show here is that with what we believe to be the correct color sequence, the live preview is swapping red and blue. On the computer screen the inner circle is red and on the display it is blue. Or are you saying that what is shown on the led panels in live preview is not supposed to necessarily be what is on the computer screen?
  3. Pin2Dmd Editor

    I believe there could be a bug between the latest version of the firmware(2.42) and the editor when using panels with a different color sequence. See this post: http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/3360-built-in-diagnostics/ Just seems like the editor is not recognizing the color sequence of the latest firmware when displaying live preview on the display.
  4. Built-in Diagnostics?

    viperrwk is using unclesash's shield rev 3.4a looks to me like blue and green are possibly getting swapped. Hope we can figure this out -Tom
  5. Terminator 2

    I found this not to work for some reason. Let us know if you get it to work.
  6. Terminator 2

    The kickback animation looks like its working but it seems to have the wrong timing. When the animation triggers its color but the animation is so slow that you almost never even get to see the guy shooting and the score screen comes back on. What I personally noticed with the editor is that if you record animations from pinmame, the first frame of the animations sometimes has too long of a delay, then that delay gets transmitted to your custom animation causing it to be slower than it should be. Im not saying that's whats happening here but it seems odd that I never get to actually see your beautiful animation of the guy shooting. Ive used some $2 voltage shunt convertor/regulators off ebay. They take any kind of voltage from 9v-32V and convert it down to 5V 5A regulated supply. On my terminator 2 pinball I took some random voltage(I think like 16v unregulated) off one of the unused connectors in the upper right hand corner of the power driver board and it works great.
  7. Terminator 2

    Cool, thanks again for doing this! Did you happen to update the files in the last couple of days? In my T2 the PIN2DMD words like in your picture are not color. Also the match animation is not colored on my game. Also the kickback animation has too slow of timing so it doesn't play before its triggered off.
  8. Pin2Dmd Colorprism V2.0 Firmware

    I can confirm that 2.42 has issues. the colors on the splash screen are all wrong and then the device crashes with a couple of random lines on the screen tried it on 2 devices with same result. 2.41 is working fine. -Tom
  9. Godzilla

    Wow malenko you are awesome! question: is there any forum that you have discussed what you have learned about using the editor. Like hints and tricks and helpful things to consider which will save time. I'm struggling being confident in using the editor. thanks again for all your effort. -Tom
  10. Metallica Pro

    Can you help me understand B6 and B7? are these on the stm controller connector? what about GND and VCC for the adapter? I can figure out ground obviously but is VCC not required? thank you, -Tom
  11. Files on real pinball

    Is there a version of the metallica rom patch that doesn't require the serial connection to the machine? Back almost a year ago it seems like lucky was saying to set the smartDMD mode to in-frame which is contrary to serial connection. I currently don't have the serial connection in my metallica pinball with pin2dmd and I cant get the pallets to load correctly without serial connection. I would like to temporarily try the older files if they worked without serial connection. Thank you for any help. -Tom
  12. Terminator 2

    I tried 1.35 and 1.36. 1.36 has the score stuck at 0 problem and 1.35 doesn't. I will try 1.35b today. I have a real pinball. Thank you malenko!!
  13. Terminator 2

    I meant to quote this post.
  14. Terminator 2

    This same thing happens in a real pinball machine with 1.36. Try 1.35 or 1.35b. Those work on my real pinball but there are still things that aren't working perfectly.