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  1. Per other thread for me at least, under Video/Graphics settings, I unchecked under Fullscreen (heading) Force Exclusive Fullscreen Mode. That alone fixed my issue, but it mentioned disabling Direct Draw in the registery, but could use a screen shot of the regedit entry and/or a disable_directdraw.reg file and another to renable_directdraw.reg file for easy switching it out.
  2. You are right though, put all your .vbs in \VPX\Scripts folder The only time I recall having to have the .vbs with the table was on some B2S tables in VP9, that the author did some calls requiring the .vbs with the table, the deep details of which I can't recall.
  3. Which version of Iron Man? There is a newer 030417a to maybe try now. [assuming that's 3/4/17 release after this post] Uses im2_183 rom, just checked it myself. Get the 183 here and just do the rename in the Table Script to im2_183 and rename the zip and the bin file within, test just fine for me. That Iron Man I recall they changed the ROM name at some point, usually for sure it's listed fairly early in the table's script window. My own notes say it's called im_160 for the one that came out in Dec. 2016. You can also test/view the proper ROM & check what you have inside of VPinMAME's setup.exe, that's what I do to figure out the occasional ROM hiccup. PinballX I can't speak to, I am DT only, if you have to go to low textures, try other AC/DC tables/variants, and different VPX versions, there are many 10.x versions and not always compatible with new tables or vice versa. I usually start with 10.2 build 2806. Backglass wise, they are a pain in the neck, I try to avoid them since I am DT player, but it's usually a .vbs script issue, the BG reg app needs rerun, or a missing file like ScreenRes.txt Since it mentions the .Net I would at least reinstall that if it is mentioning a specific version. ..and it could be not using up to date vpinmame.dll... one from Dec 29th 2016 attached. vpinmame.dll
  4. Goofy stuff like that usually is wrong version for the table, check it in other versions. 10.0 10.1 10.2 All have multiple versions. I usually just go with the build #, my favorite stable one to try first is 2806 (10.2)
  5. Ah! ...and my ACDC is back to always crashing after it loads, and it really hangs Windows 10 64-bit for a good 20 secs before it recovers. Got your version of vpinmame.dll and it still crashed. But.... I decided I better restart Win10 from scratch after having run a ton of tables including Unit and FP today, and wola..... it worked just fine! FP is not stable at all either, but I wasn't even aware of the later mod's from 2013 with physics until today, and spent some time figuring it's configuring out as well. Thanks! ...and it was with acd_168 no H.
  6. I got the AC/DC to run changing the script to use acd_168h instead of acd_168. Seems very buggy, top rollover lights, never light up, target lights don't seem to be responding and had a 3rd ball get stuck on the right side. Wondered if ROM related or my own table ignorance.. Good progress though, and get a feel for it. I have to completely restart 990p5 also, does the crash routine if I try to run it again from the editor even if I just go to the editor and PLAY again. I have 16 gigs of RAM so shouldn't be an issue, running Windows 10 64-bit.
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