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  1. Ah! ...and my ACDC is back to always crashing after it loads, and it really hangs Windows 10 64-bit for a good 20 secs before it recovers. Got your version of vpinmame.dll and it still crashed. But.... I decided I better restart Win10 from scratch after having run a ton of tables including Unit and FP today, and wola..... it worked just fine! FP is not stable at all either, but I wasn't even aware of the later mod's from 2013 with physics until today, and spent some time figuring it's configuring out as well. Thanks! ...and it was with acd_168 no H.
  2. I got the AC/DC to run changing the script to use acd_168h instead of acd_168. Seems very buggy, top rollover lights, never light up, target lights don't seem to be responding and had a 3rd ball get stuck on the right side. Wondered if ROM related or my own table ignorance.. Good progress though, and get a feel for it. I have to completely restart 990p5 also, does the crash routine if I try to run it again from the editor even if I just go to the editor and PLAY again. I have 16 gigs of RAM so shouldn't be an issue, running Windows 10 64-bit.