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  1. First of all i dont like idea powering panels true usb. Thet isnt purpose of usb conector on stm. Also im not sure how much curent stm can hold true 5v lead (before pcb will burn) There is lot of them on alliexpres, look for step down or buck converter. I use this They are good for 2-3 amps.
  2. I use it for real pinball. Did you measure how much amps when whole panel is on? Whole panel white and brightnes at max. I suppose it will be very close to 2amps.
  3. I use this cheap dc-dc convertors, and take supply directly from unregulated 12v on driver board. Not 12v for display (it goes true 7812) take it before 7812, there is 12vA (12v analog) test point on wpc boards.
  4. That is the way. Bravo lucky!!!!
  5. I done frames on 3mm klirit, thet was cat on laser. Here is file if someone need it. front