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  1. Sibi

    Batman De Pf Redraw

    Link is dead. Does anyone have still have this file?
  2. I use this one 160*80mm 64*32pixels 1/16 Scan Indoor SMD2121 3in1 RGB full color P2.5 LED module for indoor LED display screen http://s.aliexpress.com/bqUB7JvE?fromSns=Copy to Clipboard (from AliExpress Android)
  3. https://www.dropbox.com/s/g57wjvb67it96xa/party zone.rar?dl=0
  4. Mistery solved. Working finaly I start project in one folder, and export to another. So animation file was with dump file in root. Thanks everyone for help. So malenko you didnt win bet, but i will pay round of beer if you ever come to serbia.
  5. You lose bet malenko, keyframes is only thing i have lol when i do real pin export it have two files. fsq and .pal is only this two what i nead on sd card? now i done save animation and editor create .ani file https://www.dropbox.com/s/9zaa7irhhxnjlv5/animation.ani?dl=0 do i nead this file on sd?
  6. Finaly i try to do some colorisation. In editor and on live previv everething look ok, but not working on real pin. Could someone more experience take look on projeckt and tell me what im doing wrong before i continue. Thanks https://www.dropbox.com/sh/vywm9fpiv9faw2t/AAB5Tehr7PpkJpjcagYqKZEpa?dl=0
  7. Forget too ask you something. Did pin boot with dmd atached? As i remember sound board on de will make some sound when 5v is on, and there is test with leds on maind board. Did leds on main board make same blink with pin2dmd atached as they make with plasma display? Just to be surten thet ewerething is ok with pin.
  8. Try with external power suply, take one from pc ore something like that for test. 5V on real pins are not filtrated nice, and caps are wery old. Try put multimeter on ac volts and mesure 5v. If you reed something else then 0.00 5v is not ok, to be sure you nead scope but this metod will work.
  9. For real machine you can do easy conversion with led segments. Dimension of pin2dmd are not compatible with old displays.
  10. Finaly get time to get scope in hands and compare signals on fake and real discovery board. When red led, green on fake, blinking it means signal is not good ( thank lucky for tip). In my boards signal from pin go over 220 ohm resistor to input on discovery. On fake discovery signal behind resistor is significaly lover then on real boards. Look like internal resistance of fake boards is much lower then on real. Short wireing of resistor solve problem. Thanks everyone for help.
  11. Sory Sash, but im not customer for you. I like to make things by my self. Found some old pcb design, but i made shild only for my real pins, so that design is enough for my neads. And making one side pcb heare in Serbia cost me about 15 eur for 10 pcb. I put dc-dc on board (see all using them now, but no one sed thanks for idea) and switch for next shild. And thats enough for me. I dont even use sd card boards, just solder pins to sd to micro sd adapter direcktly, and use micro sd card. When you live in country where most people earn 300eur per month, you must bild from scratch.
  12. 3.3 was about 2.6 after diode. Change diode with another shotky, than it was 3.1. But stil nothing. Than bridge diode ( diode sepaarate 3.3 from stabilisator and st link conector, that i dont use anyway) and stil nothing. When board get signal from pin led that is betwen switch start to blink only if i set mode to bally/wiliams, like it recognize signal. Also when try to record file with pin2dmd.exe, and open it in notepad all fields are 0. Any one have any idea.
  13. Thanks for the tip, will try tomorow and report.
  14. Its not realy fake. But its dont work on real pins. Inputs are so sensitive, most time i have garbage on display or no picture at all. With old discovery board it works with no problem. I put sheald on cable, take suply from outher source.......but no result. This boards have all grean leds and dont have st marks. And pins are not solder.
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