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  1. Plop error in VPX

    Hi. I just updated some of the VPX and VPM program files and now I'm getting an error that simply says 'plop' when runnng some of the newest table updates. I'm using the VPX4 beta3242 and I'm running VPM 3.0. This same combination ran the tables fine on a test computer. A few of the tables that are problematic are the latest 24, Avatar, and Class of 1812. The BG and DMD run fine but tables won't launch. This is happening while running directly from VPX.
  2. On that note, one more quick naming question for you. How do you prefer handling the "The" tables in PinballX. Do you let them fall alphabetically under "The" such as "The Simpsons" or drop the "The" and go with "Simpsons" or move it to the back "Simpsons, The"? I find that when finding the tables on the hosting sites, they are located in the T's. Do you go with that same philosophy in PinballX?
  3. Ha. Glad to know I'm not making it more difficult than anyone else. I'm at the point now where I'm keeping a spreadsheet (so I can at least track the name of the b2s file I'm using). I am half considering just putting the actual table filename in it too. Then If I need to check what table file I'm currently running I can just look at the spreadsheet. If I do that then I'll just go with and actual name like Batman (Data East 1991) VPX.vpx when I place it in may tables folder. I'm currently spending more time maintaining the cab then p[laying it if you can't already tell .
  4. @Thalamus What naming convention do you use for your tables? I'm currently doing the above with <table name> (<manufacturer> <year>) <table author> <version desc> <version #>. It works pretty well for me but here is my only concern with that. I use the PBX Recorder for my media, and I use the table file name option as opposed to table description. This means that when a new version of the table comes out I have to rerun the recorder to create the perfectly matching media files. This may not be a bad thing as the look of the table may have changed ever so slightly. But this will leave many old unused media files over time. Is this the same situation you find yourself in or do you handle your names and media differently?
  5. There were a handful of them, and I can't get them to replicate now. I'm not sure if that is because they've been allowed access or if it was because of the way they were run. What I mean by that is that one that it happened with Gator by starman downloaded from VPF gave me the warning the first time I ran it think. Just for the heck of it, after that happened I decided to double click the Gator.exe file directly to see what would happen, and it gave me the same warning. Now it runs without, but I don't know if I accidentally allowed it access and Webroot doesn't provide a easy way to tell. I believe it also happened with Hit the Deck by rosve. and/or Big Hit by luvthatapex. They all seem to run fine at the moment, but again I'm not sure if that is because I dismissed the warning from Webroot incorrectly or not. I guess I could message them directly to see why the EXEs were acting this way. I thought I'd check first to see if this was a general thing with the old B2S backglass files.
  6. So I just tested it on my test machine. I knew it was happening with Space Invaders and Space Jam on the cabinet so I used those on my test machine and got the same results running straight through Visual Pinball. Then I tested the ones starting with Black and had the same results. So I figured out why some of them worked without the underscore while others didn't. I found out that because of the way I was naming my B2S files with the appended backglass info, I assumed that the table and backglass names only had to be very similar (like matching the table name with a certain amount of characters in the backglass name). For tables with unique first words this match is good enough because it defaults to the closest match. For tables without unique first words it defaults to the first backglass with the same first word. So for instance... Funhouse (Williams 1990) <table author> v1.2 <bg author> 1.0.directB2S Funhouse (Williams 1990) <table author> v1.2.vpt Works fine because there are no other tables/bg starting with the word Funhouse However, with the following... Black Belt (Bally 1986) <table author> v1.1 <bg author> 1.0.directB2S Black Belt (Bally 1986) <table author> v1.1.vpt Black Hole (Gottlieb 1981) <table author> v1.3.directB2S Black Hole (Gottlieb 1981) <table author> v1.3.directB2S Black Pyramid (Bally 1984) <table author> v.1.1.0 <bg author> 1.1.directB2S Black Pyramid (Bally 1984) <table author> v.1.1.0.vpt What I was getting was the Black Belt backglass with Black Belt and Black Pyramid, but Black Hole was fine. I realize now that when I thought the program was doing partial matches by as many matching characters in the table and file name as posssible it wasn't. It was either matching them if they were identical or matching the first word in the name if there was no complete match. Black Hole was named before I started adding the backglass info to the directB2S file names. So basically what it boils down to is I either need to scratch using the backgalss info in the name of the directB2S file (the easiest solution), or I need to add that info to the name of the table file. I like the idea of keeping track of the exact backglass in use in case I need to upgrade it with a newer one that has been released, or in case I'm having issues with it and need to find a different version, But if I include it in the table name, every time I update a backglass I have to update the table name and everything that references it. Sorry to be so long winded, but maybe this can help out anyone else who is running into a similar issue.
  7. I need to recheck it, but I'm fairly certain that it happens when running the table directly through Visual Pinball also. The cabinet is elsewhere, but I'll see if I can recreate it on my test PC.
  8. So I'm running into what I think is a strange issue with table and backglass matching. When I name my tables I use the following convention. <Table Name> (<Manufacturer & Release Year>) <table submitter/author> <version description if needed> <version number> ex. Attack From Mars (Midway 1995) <table author> Night Mod v1.2.vpt Then because there are often multiple directB2S files available for a given table I name that file the same as the table but append the B2S submitter and version on the end. ex. Attack From Mars (Midway 1995) <table author> Night Mod v1.2 <b2s author> 1.0.directB2S For the most part this works fine, But I'm starting to run into this issue where tables that start with the same word such as Black Hole and Black Pyramid get crossed up so that the Black Hole backglass displays when running the Black Pyramid table. This happens despite the fact that the only parts of the names that match are the first words, Further confusing the issue is that this doesn't happen with other tables sharing the same first word such as Black Rose and Black Knight. Another oddity is that on some of the tables where this occurs the correct backglass shows in the menu portion of PinballX but not when the table actually loads (and I'm not using backglass videos or images). The only way I've found to get around this is to use underscores when necessary (in this case I renamed Black Pyramid to Black_Pyramid) but for the sake of consistency I'd rather not have to do that. Also this doesn't always work either as I discovered with Sharpshooter and Sharpshooter II. I renamed the latter to Sharpshooter_II and it still happened. I had to name it Sharp_shooter II which just seemed ridiculous. There's no rhyme or reason it seems. I'm sure this has probably been discussed before, but some quick searching did not lead me to an answer. If anyone has any thoughts on this I'd appreciate it.
  9. I know what you mean. I try to avoid them also, but I'm a fan of some of the more unique tables like Line Drive (which I love for both the game play and the mechanical nature of the backglass) and some of the older novelty tables like Speedway. It appears to me that that older system is more capable of advanced features on the backglass. In fact I'd love it if someone developed one of the horse themed games like Hayburners and/or Derby Day with the racing horses on the backglass. I'm just not sure that can be done with directB2S. I have no problem with using these tables when necessary as long as I can be sure they can be trusted.
  10. Hi. I asked this on one of the other forums and got no response. I thought I'd take a shot here. I've run a couple of old style B2S tables on my test machine. These are the tables with the B2S name coded in the script and running from an EXE file. My antivirus/firewall is giving me a warning that the backglass EXE file is trying to connect to the Internet. I was trying to find out if this is normal behavior for these files and why they would need this type of access. Any insight would be appreciated.