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  1. It appears that a number of the unhandled exceptions I was experiencing have been resolved with the editor update. I've found that a few others persist, but I believe it's (at least in part) due to Windows 10 font scaling. Do we know if Windows 10 scaling support is on the roadmap for a future update? My home workstation has a 4k monitor, and adjusting it back down to 100% vs 150% is tough to look at. Update - The scaling problems in the Pin2DMD editor looks to be a java bug. I worked around it by performing the following steps: Going to the java install folder Right clicking the javaw.exe file Clicking the "Compatibility" tab Click "Change High DPI settings" In the bottom of the window, check the "Override high DPI scaling behavior" box Select "System" Ok > Apply When you launch the Pin2DMD Editor, the scaling is now correct Install location for Java: x32 C:\Program Files\Java\<version>\bin x64 C:\Program Files\Java\<version>\bin Example C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_271\bin 4K Scaling issue resolved
  2. @lucky1 - It looks like the project loading error was indeed due to me having the recordings in a subfolder, so that issue is resolved. I'm still getting null pointer exceptions whenever I try to change the colors of a palette, even on default screen without any project loaded. I'm not sure if it helps, but I've attached the most recent error message. Is there a specific version of Java I should be running with this version of the editor? Also, not sure if it's relevant either but I do have a 4k monitor on the computer that I'm running the app on. ** Edit - I just tried a version of the Pin2DMD editor from a few years ago, and it does the same thing on the palette picker. I'm going to guess the issue is with the version of Java, an environment variable, or some other random issue with Windows 10 on my workstation. I'm going to try running the Java 8u271 x64 installer and Pin2DMD editor app on my Wife's laptop, which has a brand new / clean install of Windows 10 20H2 and see what happens. null pointer.txt pin2dmd-editor6895128528892570544.log
  3. That might be the issue - I have the recording stored in a sub folder. I'll move it to the root of the project and re-try. Thanks again! Also, I've attached the raw dump file to this post. initial-cap.raw.gz
  4. Thanks again to @lucky1 for the reply earlier today in regards to capturing DMD data. I've been playing around in the editor today while following one of NetzZwerg's tutorials. I have captured some DMD data for Stargate, and started to select scenes. When I experienced trouble changing colors on the palette (Error box kept on popping up), I tried closing the project and then re-launching the pin2dmd editor. When I tried loading the project I had been working on with the recording and several scenes selected I received an error saying that it couldn't load the project (java.lang.RuntimeException: error onLoadProject). In troubleshooting the problem, I tried the following: Created a new blank project, attached my recording file (raw.gz file this time), saved the project, exited / relaunched the app and received the same error I described above (pictured attached) when loading the project Created a new blank project, attached my recording file (txt.gz file this time), saved the project, exited / relaunched the app and received the same error I described above when loading the project Created a new blank project, saved the project, exited / relaunched the app and received no error (no recordings attached) Off topic slightly, but when I go to Help > Send Report , I get a java.lang.NullPointerException as well System: Windows 10 20H2 (19042.685) Pin2DMD-Editor64.exe - v2.5.0.6 Java 8 x64 Update 271 I've attached the capture file that I was working with too. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for your time! initial-cap.txt.gz
  5. That's exactly what I needed! Thanks again!
  6. Good Evening (morning?) Everybody, I've been digging through the forums and quite a few of the how-to's, but I think I'm either missing something obvious and/or I'm just not searching for the correct keywords. I understand how to capture dumps from a real pin, but that method doesn't appear to apply in regards to capturing from VPinMAME. How do I get setup for capturing dumps from VPinMAME (or is there something else I should be using)? Is there a how-to article floating around? Thanks for your time, I appreciate it!
  7. Just another quick question - I just finished setting up my second Pin2DMD. Does the the on-board setup menu not function when the Pin2DMD is not activated? I know the activated one works as it should when you press the buttons on the back, but my freshly setup one just resets when you try to get into the menu.
  8. Yeah, the power supply I’m using is 5v. I didn’t think to plug it into the 12v connector. Runs 100% now and is ready to drop into my JP now. Next will be SW:DE and SMB, and then I’ll be good to go for a bit! Well, at least until I get my TZ and CSI out of storage Thanks again guys!
  9. Well would you look at that - no visual issues with the wall wart power hooked up to the 12v connector.
  10. No, this is the only one I've setup so far. The boards arrived yesterday and I was just excited to get one going . I have a bench power supply that can provide up to 15a of power, so I'll put build an adapter and give that a try tonight.
  11. I just received my set of 5 from pcb way and setup the first last night. Did anybody else have ghosting / glitching on their displays? If you look near the edges of the letters, you can see additional led's lit. I somewhat captured it in the video as well. I’m running the board off the 5v connector with a 2a rated wall wart. Is this possibly a connector or power issue? Both appear to be ok. IMG_0538.MOV
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