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  1. If you think 19" is almost perfect go with that! Personally I have a 42" playfield & a 22" back monitor & I find that monitor size very immersive. Not really an answer to this question though. Enjoy
  2. Did what you suggested Greg & kinda solved it. Despite having My Account - Number Of Ledwiz devices set to 1, the tables are reading Dev 2. When I deleted directoutputconfig2.ini all my Ledwiz stopped working. Enabled it again & all was working as should, all contactors, strobes etc. So somewhere DOF is reading Dev 2, how do I get it to read only Dev 1?
  3. My right contactor isn't working, Port 31 My Extra Ball Leds not working, Port 16 My strobes not working, Port 25 As said these were previously working when I used the legacy framework & they all work under the lum aura panel?
  4. Hi Greg, any chance of a tad more help. I did try to PM you but its saying you can't receive any more personal meesages? All is good but I have one contactor, one backglass led & 2 strobes that aren't working with my set up, they work under the lum aura control panel so are wired in correctly but they don't work in game. Any ideas?
  5. I have the DOF installed? Don't suppose you'd care to teamviewer in & have a look, happy to buy you several beers :-)
  6. K, have put just the core.vbs into the tables folder, table loads fine but no ledwiz :-(
  7. Update: Question. I am trying to use the DOF. From the Ledwiz Config Tool page should I still download & install the Legacy Framework Files. Updated Core Ledwiztoolbo Ledwiz OCX Binary Ledcontrol.vbs Have found that when I do download & place these in the tables folder, my VP hangs on loading with a Rendering Animation box that just sits there for ever.
  8. I'm having major problems getting ledwiz to work since I installed a replacement for the my old ledwiz. Am trying this using DOF & Legacy. I have one ledwiz called Dev 2. As this is my only Ledwiz I have been told by Randy at GroovyGame that this should still work ok. If I run DirectOutput configuration test & select Activate All, then all comes on. Same again if I do it under the Lum Aura control panel. I've un-installed & re-installed VP, tables folders Registered .ocx files countless times Checked no .dlls are blocked & tried everything I can think of or has been suggested. Nothing will work when I run tables, for now I am just using Cactus Canyon & Medieval Madness to test. Also I have read that you should be able to open the DOF front end from within the B2SBackglassServer, however I have no option to do that, I am running B2S Backglass Server My folders have Visual Pinball - Tables - plugins - DirectOutput Anyone any ideas & would anyone be willing to team viewer to my PC & see if they can spot what I am doing wrong?
  9. Any chance anyone could have a look at my sytem via team viewer or similar as am getting no where here???
  10. Yes my typo, it is named ledwizm05.ocx
  11. I'm getting the same issue. I've just replaced my old ledwiz with a new one but am having a hell of a time getting this to work. It all works under the lum aura control panel. When I load a table in VP it hangs on Rendering Animation. I think it is something to do with the ledwizm05.ock file as when I remove this the table loads fine? Any ideas anyone?
  12. >>>Did you setup your ledwiz amount in your account in configtool, and the port assignments related on the port assignments tab? Yes I set up ledwiz in the config tool & the port assignment, I have tried setting it up as number 1 ledwiz & number 2 ledwiz.
  13. Aha, not working. Well my ledwiz now works via the lumaura control panel but when I try to load any games in VP, VP hangs on rendering animation & goes no further. If I comment out core.vbs - 'LoadScript("ledcontrol.vbs"):Err.Clear ' Checks for existance of ledcontrol.vbs and loads it if found, if found but no ledwiz installed, clear error to allow loading of table Then the table loads & plays but no ledwiz support. Also in PinballX I am getting the error Mictorsoft Console Based Script Host has stopped working. this never happened before I installed / updated the 2nd ledwiz? My ledwiz is Dev 2, but is the only ledwiz device connected, should this work with legacy or direct output? I've tried both using the ledwiz config tool at VPUniverse. Blimey this was so much easier when I first set up ledwiz.
  14. >>>2. rename ledwiz87Dev2._zp to ledwiz87Dev2.zip, this was done so that some firewalls/emails/proxies don't allow downloads of zip files so just rename the zip to something else.I figured that one out & renamed, wish they had told me that when they sent the file through, would have saved a lot of time, thanks for the tip. That sorted everything out & so far I seem to have a fully working Dev 2 ledwiz, just finishing off the wiring & hopefully all will work game wise :-) Thanks for the help guys.
  15. Thanks for the help peeps, I'm still stuck though... 1. Can I use my old ledwiz which is device 1 & then use ledwiz two, if so how as at the moment I have both plugged in but my control panel isn't lighting anything? 2. I received a ledwiz87Dev2._zp file from groovygame gear to help but I have no idea what to do with it, I am unfamiliar with the extension, windows doesn't know what to do with it? 3. I just went to download DOF & the link took me to http://vpuniverse.com/ledwiz/index.php ie the ledwiz configuration files I already have, I've been using the Ledwiz Control Panel Beta 87. Is that DOF in which case I already have or can anyone give me the correct link? 4. Using the LumAura Control panel, how do you test the ledwiz on the 2nd board as I can't see any option to go the 2nd ledwiz? Help, I'm missing my lights & contactors :-(
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