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  1. Thanks man. I didn't even look at the options to play to end or begining. I'll have to go back to the editor
  2. ok just a question about b2sanimations. I know how the animations work with the intervals and the steps and wait time. I know calling an animation from the script by name and either 1 or 0 for on and off. My question is this. If the script calls an animation and turns it on but sends the off call before the animation is complete. Does the animation stop on the step it is on or does it continue to play to the end. And when you start the animation again does it start from the begining or from the step it was on when it was turned off. Asking because i am trying to recreate the backglass from bubba the redneck werewolf in the table with primitives for vr purposes. One other thing. Can a light in b2s be involved in a self made animation but also be rom controlled as well? Any help is greatly appreciated. I have the table in a vr cabinet and all the bg lights built just need to code the lights and animation. Thanks, unclewilly
  3. I'm trying to find an owner. I'm at the point in my wip that I'm doing the lighting. The gi runs off the lamp matrix. I need someone with a real machine to run the lamp diagnostic test. So i can figure out what gi circuit runs which lamps on the table. They are listed in the diagnostic test but none of the previous versions have the gi coded. So if there is anyone with a real machine i would appreciate the help. Thanks, Unclewilly
  4. Lets just say divorce. Having my kid taken away by his mother, having to move and sell all my pinball machines and mame cabinet, has put the projec on a very low flame. If anyone would like to take it over I'll provide all my resources and wip table
  5. unclewilly

    Star Trek

    Looks awesome fren. after playing the real one so much. I really love this table. did you get the animation on the ship working?
  6. unclewilly

    Star Trek

    Did zany get you a vengeance model? looks as nice as the real one i played last night
  7. I started doing mods. Your doing a great job with this randr. And not much help either, figuring it out on your own
  8. Come on fren. I made those bumper caps 5 years ago before we had primitives. The base table needs a technology update
  9. You got to post a screen shot its looking good
  10. I dont think fg shrek or potc will see the light of day either. fren you should just pm phil and see if he will let you finish nba up. Between him and i it was mostly done. Although could use some updates. wof was mostly coded as well. The wheel was a pain in the ass for what we were working with in vp9.02. Wof is no fun but nba was ok. I dont mind fg and shrek, but the existing versions phil and i did are horrible by todays standards but ok for back then. Especially with no sized balls. That mini ball playfield was a pain
  11. Bsize is part of the updated core vbs for the create sized ball method. that should be the issue
  12. Yes. It will be my first vp 10 recreation. Its already in progress on the vp10 alpha builds
  13. Yes all the settings are settable by the user in vp10
  14. Not that i wasnt happy. Just didnt get to it. Been swamped with other things. The issue with mb behaving funny is because friction is hard coded for many objects including walls in pm5. So i could never get mb to play right as the friction is too high and creates too much ball spin. if you step back to the 2.7 release which i believe is before i raised the playfield you can probably get better results
  15. That is a recreation of the stern table
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