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  1. Thanks guys and sorry for the confusion. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. These were taken from the vids, Color pic is Pinballx native.dll, other pic is the one I downloaded for color prism. I'll try to pull the vids off off and send a link. These are sigma415's real dmd vids. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Ok, I'm not at the machine and will upload vids. All videos including the no real dad.avi are black and white. If I use the xdmdnative.dll from Pinballx, the vids are in color. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Lucky1, maybe my xdmdnative is also a bad download? I can't get it to show color with the real dmd videos. The real dmd images are in color but not any of the videos. I tried FW 2.0, 2.01 and 2.02.
  5. sorry should elaborate, dmd vids are b/w and im running firmware 2.02.
  6. well 1 problem down...1 to go. when i copy he xdmdnative.dll file to the pinballx directory...all my videos are black and white. when i use the one that came with pinballx, they are in color. anyone else seeing this issue?
  7. Dazz, i made some headway thanks to Lucky1. Looks like it was a bad download on my part. Lucky1 PM'd me the files and those worked without a problem.
  8. Thanks lucky but i cant run the pin2dmd from github as it says this app cant run on your pc on both my win 10 x64 box. If i go the sd card route..does that mean i need to leave it in there? Im running a virtual cab.
  9. Well, im running it on my pincab but i do the flashing and stuff on another win 10 machine. I dont want to add extra things to the poor old machine. Ill wait for clarification from Lucky..
  10. So i flashed the firmware with the st flasher and the uid was on the lcd panels. Im not sure if it's because im running Windows 10 but i can't run the pin2dmd. Ive downloaded the new one from github and it says its not made for my version of windows. Its a 64bit version if that matters. I have not added it to the usb as i never installed it.
  11. flashed new firmware and provided lucky1 with the UID. received the reply key right away but i dont know where to put it. He said to place it with my pin2dmd.exe but i dont use one. anyone have this working? I dont want to bug lucky too much
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