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  1. Pin2Dmd Editor

    i would like to recover the pallets from the " acd_170hc_ByPinballMikeD" package . i have put the patched rom in my real pin and the pin2dmd.pal in the sd card . it s work good but i would like to change some color with pinballbrowser ( i have a licence) i have asked the smartdmd.txt to pinballmikeD , i hope , he will answer me . regards guillaume
  2. Pin2Dmd Editor

    hello how to import color palettes from a pin2dmd.pal file in pinballbrowser ? it's possible ? or not ? i know import smartdmd.txt with pin2dmd editor and export to pin2dmd.pal . may the opposite be possible? with pinballbrowser ? thanks
  3. Pin2Dmd Real Pinball Support

    hello i would have liked to install the rom color for my Premium acdc ( real pin ) . i try to contact ninuzzu for the patch , but i have no answer . someone could tell me where to find it (the patch for real pin ac/dc 1.70)? thanks
  4. ACDC Premium 1.70

    Hello Ninuzzu I would have liked to install the rom color for my Premium acdc ( real pin ) . have you made a patch color for this ? if so, what are the conditions for having it ? thanks for your works best regards
  5. Pin2DMD Editor

    hello lucky1 thank for your tips , I succeeded now !
  6. Pin2DMD Editor

    hello I can not create a new mask. how did I do, I missed something ? here , the mask 9 , how change this ? here , i try to create the 10 mask , but i dont know ? please learn me regards
  7. Pin2Dmd Editor

    merci lucky1 it's ok now
  8. Pin2Dmd Editor

    ok , i have downloaded the last editor but when i launch the .exe , i have only the splash screen , and nothing . i try 32 and 64 bit , i have the last java thanks
  9. Pin2Dmd Editor

    hello i use this i try with the last release asap thanks
  10. Pin2Dmd Editor

    hello i try to edit the job of malenko about t2 . but pin2dmd editor don't load the .xml of t2 ( i have the full package of animation files ) I would like to understand how the editor works by looking at an existing project i have this message ! thanks for your reply regards
  11. hello i am french i have a stern pinball ( spiderman) and i have this with a valid key ( thanks lucky1) i have colorised the rom of spiderman with pinball browser ans i have save the palettes to smartdmd.txt i follow this tutorial to export palette to palette.dat but I just can not http://pin2dmd.com/pinball-browser/ i can load but I can not find the function export to .dat can you help me regards
  12. Pin2Dmd V2 Activation

    hello donation to : jamann@alice-dsl.net is done ! bye