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  1. hello thank you for your support now , it's ok with colorprism 3.00 and shield v3.1 with the jumper in good position with the good setting with the good voltage with the good key on sd card. i m happy. i have a another remark ( colorprism 3.00 on stm32) when i dump the video file with pin2dmd.exe (2.60) i have only some "0" in the txt file . 090719_162605_pin2dmd_dump.txt it 's ok with pin2dmd.exe (2.53) 090719_162507_pin2dmd_dump.txt normal ? regards
  2. yes , reset config , i choose device , and i save . i have no colorisation , just the default vga palette, principaly black and white ok , now, i understand , jumper 1-2 is like my wire bridge. i buy this ; because it is not in my order germangaming supplies . is not good part ? https://fr.farnell.com/texas-instruments/sn74ls123n/ic-multivibrator-monstable-16dip/dp/1470902?CMP=i-ddd7-00001003
  3. so, shield v3.1 colorprism 3.00 i have deleted the .dat in sd card of acdc --> no change , black and white display after define device to stern sam . i have deleted the .dat in sd card of t2 --> no change , black and white display after define device to bally/williams. i dont undertstand why with v1 shield and colorprism 2.66 is ok for t2 and acdc , but nok with shield v3.1 " original" ( no wire bridge) i have tested my v1 shield , the blue line is connected , the testor say 220ohm between pinball-dmd-9 and PA5 , on shield v3.1 i have nothing between pinball-dmd-9 and PA5 without wire bridge . with the bridge -->220 ohms . normal? i can send my shields for testing ?
  4. i check this later . I have to work now, I have lost a lot of time. moreover I did not have the 74ls123 in my order and the resistor network had 8 legs instead of 6?
  5. thanks for your reply colorprism 2.66 and shield v3.1 i have cut the wire bridge : ( t2 and acdc work with wire bridge ) -- acdc work with jumper on 2-3 ,enhancer on or off - T2 dont work with and without jumper on 2-3 ,enhancer on or off ( if i connect the wire bridge , the display works with t2 video) - demolition man dont work with and without jumper on 2-3 enhancer on or off colorprism 3.00 and shield v3.1 i have cut the wire bridge : ( nothing work with wire bridge) -- acdc work with jumper on 2-3 ,enhancer on or off, but without colorisation the screnn is black and white - T2 work with jumper on 2-3 enhancer on or off but without colorisation the screnn is black and white - demolition man work with jumper on 2-3 ,enhancer on or off , i have not color file for test . colorprism 2.66 and shield v1 : t2 , acdc , demolition man work fine colorprism 3.00 and shield v1 t2 , acdc , demolition man work but are black and white i think my v3.1 shield ( 5 units) are rotten . i buy these shield in february 2019 at the shop germangaming supplies it is not the same that the first page of topic ( less references)
  6. my pcb is not like the pcb is the first page of topic? i dont have this text
  7. i have strapped , the blue line of previous picture , because the connectivity is not ok , yet it works on t2
  8. so , i remove the jumper for testing on stern ACDC ---> it work great ?! reminder : t2 is ok with shield v1 and v3.1 acdc is ok with shield v1 and v3.1 ( jumper removed) demolition man ok with v1 , but NOK with v3.1 ( it is a mystery) ( with and without jumper) i wish to try to understand why it is not ok on Demolition man wiht v3.1 regards
  9. thanks for your reply the jumper is ok , 2-3 is closed . the v3.1 shield don't work with my stern acdc and the williams demolition man . i have no problème with a shield v1 ( same display and same stm32 ) i use a additionnal power supply 5v 10A i use a sn74ls123n regards
  10. hello i have some problem with the v3.1 shield ( 5 units) . now i use v1 shield + stm32f407 , colorprism 2.66 in my T2 ans in my AC/DC , they work fine . i ordered some v3.1 shield (5) to update my game room and make a new display for my demolition man but at the beginning, all v3 shield don't work on T2 and on acdc ( pinball with rgb display on my game room) after checking the shield , i find a cutting wire between pinballdmd-09 and PA5 in the pcb . i strapped .--> now this v3.1 shield work in my T2 AND NOT IN THE ACDC , just the menu with "sam/stern " normal or not ? other probleme . when i use a v1 shield in the demolition man , the display work fine , with the same stm32 of t2 . but i have a black screen or menu when i use a shield V3.1 (yets it work in the t2). i try to swap the ribon cable between "dmd board" and the shield without susccess is there any other problem on this v3.1 I tear my hair since february and in addition I burned a stm32 (the chip smoked when I made a mistake while checking the tensions on the stm), it is necessary now that I contact lucky1for a new key.
  11. hello thanks you for this job !! i search the source file for adapt to my real pin , in french rom . thanks regards guillaume
  12. hello i have a question about load the palette and export for "real pin" so , i have installed in my acdc luci the rom "acd_170hc.bin" and put the pin2dmd.pal from package "acd_170hc_ByPinballMikeD.zip" in the sd card . it work perfectly . I have recovered the palette "smartdmd.txt" . these files "smartdmd.txt" and "acd_170hc.bin" opened with pinballbrowser650 match well . some sequence use the palette "none" . the issues : i load this palette file "smartdmd.txt" in pind2dmd editor and i export to pin2dmd.pal for "real pin" . i put this new pin2dmd.pal in the sd card . when i start a game , i chose the song " war machine" , i shoot the ball , and the animation run with the palette "jukebox" . the last played. other exemple : i start with hell bells , the animation with bell is ok ,good color ,good palette , but when a sequence with "none" palette" come , it is played with the last palette loaded ( the palette hell bells). how to export with the right parameters . where is my mistake? regards guillaume
  13. i would like to recover the pallets from the " acd_170hc_ByPinballMikeD" package . i have put the patched rom in my real pin and the pin2dmd.pal in the sd card . it s work good but i would like to change some color with pinballbrowser ( i have a licence) i have asked the smartdmd.txt to pinballmikeD , i hope , he will answer me . regards guillaume
  14. hello how to import color palettes from a pin2dmd.pal file in pinballbrowser ? it's possible ? or not ? i know import smartdmd.txt with pin2dmd editor and export to pin2dmd.pal . may the opposite be possible? with pinballbrowser ? thanks
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