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  1. The issue was the log file. This solved my issue, Thanks to Terry for the solution. If you have a “DmdDevice.log.config” file, you need to edit that file and make sure that if the <rules> section looks like this: <rules> < logger name=”” minlevel=”Trace” writeTo=”console” /> < logger name=”” minlevel=”Trace” writeTo=”file” /> < /rules> …it needs to be changed to: <rules> < logger name=”” minlevel=”info” writeTo=”console” /> < logger name=”” minlevel=”info” writeTo=”file” /> < /rules> Same with the “dmdextlog.config”. The <rules> section should look like: <rules> < logger name=”*” minlevel=””info” writeTo=”console” /> < /rules> This is to disable logging for when colouring is being used. Apparently it can cause performance issues for some people. It’s only needed for those who are colour modding DMDs and are troubleshooting. Does this need to be reported to Freezy?
  2. Yes when I rolled back to an earlier version, it runs fine.
  3. I am having a major issue with Vpinmame. I am using 10.5 Final / latest 10.6 beta and the latest 3.2 beta/Sambuild r4658 although this has been an issue since Vpinmame3.1. I am also using freeze 1.7.1. Table starts fine with good frame rate an no issues. Come back an hour later and it's stutter city!!!!! There is a serious memory or timing issue that gets worse the longer a table is loaded!! https://youtu.be/IOEbgXXPYHE Everything is installed correctly. PC Spec is not an issue and getting 200+fps when I start the table. I can start a table and it plays absolutely perfect. Come back an hour later as it's awful. Not an overheating issue. If I close VPX and restart it plays perfect again. This is serious memory leak or timing issue that has been introduced since Vpinmame 3.1. I think it is only happening with VNI colour roms. If I go back to an earlier Vpinmame the problem goes away, so definitely a code issue. Any help would be appreciated
  4. Version 1.0.0


    White Water (Williams 1993) DirectB2S, that mixes the best bits from previously uploaded versions, All credit to previous Authors.
  5. I am having a problems with this table. I am using 10.4 Final in cabinet mode with a 4:3 backglass. The RPG Ball keeps disappearing on the backglass.
  6. Love this table, but for me it seems to play much better in 10.21 Final rather than 10.3 Final? Physics seem wrong when played in 10,3 and I get loads of odd drains! Any thoughts?
  7. Thanks Hanibal. Looks amazing, but plays a bit to fast for my liking so I changed the slope back to 6.5 as on the original. Now plays great :-) Lighting looks awesome.
  8. At 1080p the left ramp doesn't look as good as in 2.7? Table still amazing though :-)
  9. Does this also fix the problem reported with the hammer in Metallica LE, that was caused by the version provided with AC/DC LE?
  10. I have done a cropped version for myself without the silver boarder (Just my preference) Do you mind if I share it or would you like me to send it to you for you to post if you like?
  11. Any update or suggestions on this problem as it's driving me nuts. I don't have this issue with normal Vpinmame DMD's. Is this an issue with DMDdevice.dll or the backglass server?
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