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  1. I've tried the offical version (2.5), and the crash occurs.
  2. For me, I'm using PinMAME's internal simulator. The "Q's Challenge" freeze occurs when I use the simulator, but I haven't on regular tables.
  3. Speaking of STTNG, I noticed it has a bug I've noticed where if you perform many "Q's Challenge" bonuses (correct shots), the game freezes. Is it a bug on STTNG, or on PinMAME? I'm using the LX-7 Special ROM as a test.
  4. More details in Rollergames: W-I-L-L-I-A-M-S should be flickering per letter lit up, but it's not with PinMAME. The bonus, as I said, along with BOP, is not flickering during the #X display and the bonus accumulation. The Jackpot sequence flickers in the real machine (I think) compared with PinMAME. Hopefully this might help you figure out how to troubleshoot the issue..
  5. Hello, I've been loving this thread ever since I found it, and I was wondering if you could fix that bug regarding the bonus tally in BOP (Bride Of Pinbot)? In the bonus, the display is supposed to flicker slowly, but in PinMAME there is no flickering. I believe the same effects in Rollergames aren't fixed as well, as the jackpot sequence is just flat.