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  1. I'd love a Addams Family colorization, I tried a few times, but never got back to it. I was thinking about starting again today but I'm gonna have to start the education of it all from scratch, because I don't remember a thing
  2. I'd be lying if I said i fully understood. I think I get it, is it possible to get a picture or two to show me what you mean by painting the filled rectangle?
  3. Hey there, I'll be doing the same setup with that power supply in my Addams Family pinball machine, my question is, where did you plug in the power supply for the pin2dmd? I was thinking of plugging mine into the service outlet in the bottom of the machine, but wont that mean the screen/power supply is always on? Whats the best way to power the power supply? Ideally I'd like it to power on and off with the machine when i flip the switch on the bottom. Thanks in advance!
  4. I figured that would be part of the answer, I'm not too familiar how that works. do I just deselect each grave? How is the stuff masked colored? what about other animations such as a ghost coming out of the grave once the target has been hit 4 times?
  5. Hey Everyone, I just started working on this as well, and I'm sure I'm gonna have a few questions. I'm talking with UncleSash right now to get the hardware i need, and I ordered the RGB LED panels. I'm hoping I can install this into my "The Addams Family" machine. as I wait for the parts, I decided to start the coloring process. A few questions. 1. Some scenes dissolve into each other. How do I color these? I'm assuming I do a start keyframe at the normal beginning of the scene, and a end keyframe right before the dissolve effect starts. Will that work? do I need to manually color the dissolve effects? or will it use the colors that have already been set on the 2 scenes? 2. What about scenes that have variables? for example the "wake the dead" mission in the game, it has 5 areas that need to be hit 4 times each (the pop bumpers) so the numbers are on the graves and always something different. as well as it has a score that changes and a count down, how would I color or work with these scenes? I have more I'm sure, I've searched every youtube video and read this forum a few times, but I'm still not 100% Thanks in advance everyone! ~John
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