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  1. Hello, It's not working on real pins. It's a very early version and it needs a lot of work.
  2. Hello guys. Sorry I don't have the time for this colorization, but I can give you the files, if you want to work on it!
  3. Another great work! Can we have some more tutorials ?
  4. Hi! Thanks for the info, I think we can work together. I will send you a googledrive link
  5. Hi all! We are still working on in, I will paste here the work files. I hope someone will help with keyframing.
  6. Thanks for the hints! Will try it! Here is another wip indy project2.zip
  7. Here are the files, you can use it with the editor to make keyframes... We are still working with the keyframing (can't get it working correctly ) Maybe some one can give a good guide to the new editor indy project.zip ij_l7_box.txt.gz ij_l7ujanimok.txt.gz
  8. Hi all!! Almost finished with colorizing, I will up load the files at the weekend!
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